How to choose the right glasses frame colour

Your style

The shade of your glasses can make a significant difference to your overall look and style. Consider picking a style that compliments or contrasts with your hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone when selecting frames, depending on the impact you want to achieve. 

Choosing the right frames is a big deal for glasses wearers, as it’s an opportunity to express your personality and showcase your style. We’ll start off with how to select the right colour frames for different hair colours, read below!

What colour glasses for blonde hair?

If you’re a warm blonde with honey and bronze undertones, lighter tortoiseshell and warm colours like amber, peach, red, pinks, darker greens, and gold metals will complement your natural shades.

If your hair has cooler, ashy, or silvery undertones, choose darker tortoiseshell, grey, or pastel pinks, purples, and blues to match your hair colour without overpowering your complexion. Avoid particularly dark, heavy styles, as well as colours with frosty tones. Cool blondes should avoid yellow or gold tones since they will contrast with the hair colour.

What colour glasses for brown hair?

Dark frames, especially black frames, will complement the mix of deep and light colours in your visual appearance if your brown hair has light undertones. You can also play with light-toned glasses, such as clear frames or pastel colours, by matching with the lighter tints in your hair.

If you have brown hair with reddish hues, tortoiseshell frames and other colours with rich, earthy tones, such as amber or dark green, are a great match.

What colour glasses for red hair?

Red hair’s innate vibrancy means you don’t have to worry as much about your skin tone, and it’s the perfect hair colour for bolder shades.

Greens, deep browns, and black look excellent on redheads. You may also find the correct glasses for your hair colour in reddish browns, golds, coppers, and reds because red hair is so warm and vivid. Avoid ashy and yellow tones, which can sometimes make red hair look dull.

Eye colour

Most people will use their eye colour as a starting point for choosing a pair of glasses. We’ve got a few tips and recommendations for which colour combinations will match to get you looking and feeling your most confident!

Glasses for blue eyes

Orange is a complementary colour to blue, meaning frames with tones of orange will truly make your eyes sparkle for a striking effect. Tortoiseshell and brown glasses, as well as natural tones, will also enhance blue eyes, Ari in Tortoise are the ideal frame to make blue eyes pop!

Glasses for brown eyes

Darker eyes like brown or hazel are extremely versatile when it comes to complementary colours. From a classic, chic black to bright and beautiful primary shades. Choose a vibrant colour that clashes against brown and amber, such as a bright green or a crisp blue, if you want to stand out in the crowd. Check out Maya in Green for a gorgeous, sleek flash of colour.

Glasses for green eyes

If you want to channel a statement-making appearance, red is a complementary colour to green and will create a dramatic contrast. A similar, eye-catching look can be achieved with gold or purple frames. Consider brown or other earthy tones if you want something a little more subdued. With green eyes, these muted frame colours usually look fantastic. Our best-seller Brooklyn in Gold is a great place to start.


Specific colours of frames will be much more likely to match your overall image based on whether you have a particularly warm or cool skin tone.

Cool skin tone

Cool complexion types, that often have a pink undertone no matter your skin colour, look best in cool-toned frames with blue undertones, such as silver, grey, green, and clear. All-black frames may be a little too harsh, but they look fantastic when they’re offset with a delicate pattern or accent colour.

Neutral skin tone

With a blend of pink and golden undertones, neutral complexion tones can wear almost anything. Go for a striking look with black, a neutral look with a tortoiseshell pattern, or play around with a spectrum of colours.

Warm skin tone

Warm skin tones, which are highlighted by a golden undertone, look best with tortoiseshell, chestnut, red, orange, golden, and yellow frames. They also look amazing with an all-black frame

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