Glasses Tips

What Are Polarised Sunglasses?

When the sun casts its brilliant rays upon us, few accessories are as essential as a good pair of sunglasses. But not all sunglasses are created equal, and one term that often arises in discussions about eyewear is "polarised." What exactly does this mean, and why should you consider polarised sunglasses for your next eyewear investment? Did you know that all our Arlo Wolf sunglasses can be … Read More about What Are Polarised Sunglasses?

Passport Photos in the UK – Navigating the Rules with Style

When it comes to passport photos in the UK, adherence to specific guidelines is essential to ensure your identification documents are valid and acceptable. From the choice of eyewear to considerations about clothing and accessories, here's a guide to help you strike the right balance between style and compliance when capturing your passport photo. Can You Wear Glasses or Sunglasses in Passport … Read More about Passport Photos in the UK – Navigating the Rules with Style

How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance

While we have written about Pupillary Distance in our FAQs we feel like it deserve a little more consideration so here we go. Pupillary Distance (PD) may sound like a scientific term straight out of a nerdy optometry manual, but fear not, we're here to demystify it in a way that even your nan would appreciate. So, grab your cuppa and let's dive into the fascinating world of PD. What on Earth … Read More about How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance

The Evolution of Prescription Glasses

We wear them every day and we literally look through them for many hours a day but we rarely think about how they came about or even just about the improvements we have seen over the last century. Here at Arlo Wolf we have prepare a little history lesson about prescription glasses. Luckily there has been technological advancement since the beginning as well a lot work is put into the designs. … Read More about The Evolution of Prescription Glasses

How to save money when buying glasses

It can be expensive buying prescription glasses, especially when you are looking for a particular style or colour. It can be made even more difficult when searching for specific add-ons such as anti-glare or anti-scratch lenses. Despite this, for many of us prescription glasses are an essential part of everyday life and it’s simply something we have to spend our hard earned cash on. That’s why … Read More about How to save money when buying glasses

How do prescription glasses work?

Did you know? The first eyeglasses were made in Northern Italy (thought to be in Pisa) around 1290. That’s over 700 years ago! Since then, our eyeglasses and prescriptions have come a long way. What was once seen as a medical applicate eventually became a must-have fashion accessory in the 1970s.  Despite this long history, not many of us know how prescription glasses actually work - but we’re … Read More about How do prescription glasses work?

How to recycle your glasses

We’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious these days, and most people are constantly looking at what more they can do to limit their environmental impact. Many of us are buying vintage, using a bag for life, and meticulously sorting out our recycling, but often when we get a new pair of glasses, we simply put them in the bottom of a drawer and forget about them. With a variety of … Read More about How to recycle your glasses

How to adjust your sunglasses at home

Why should you adjust your sunglasses? There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a pair of sunglasses you’ve fallen in love with but they won’t stop slipping off your face! When you're out enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather, the last thing you want to worry about is damaging your new favourite sunglasses. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your sunglasses from sliding … Read More about How to adjust your sunglasses at home

How to tell if you’re straining your eyes

After a long period of intense focus on an activity such as working at a computer screen, reading a book, or driving, your eyes may become fatigued or irritated. This is referred to as eyestrain. Eye strain is a widespread problem. In this digital age, it's becoming even more common. Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, is induced by the usage of digital devices such as … Read More about How to tell if you’re straining your eyes

Do I need anti-glare lenses for driving?

Ever been behind the wheel of a car on a bright sunny day, only to be temporarily blinded by the glare of the sun right when you’re in the middle of driving? It's a frustration that every glasses wearer knows all too well. The glare can come from loads of different sources such as; low-lying sunlight in winter, reflecting light on wet roads, other cars' headlights at night, and even reflections … Read More about Do I need anti-glare lenses for driving?

How to remove scratches from your glasses

There's nothing worse than when you put on your favourite pair of glasses, only to notice a tiny little mark on the lens or frame. And no matter how many times you try, or how hard you rub the scratch, it just won't come off. Besides being incredibly annoying, lens scratches obstruct your view when doing simple tasks such as reading or scrolling on your phone. Not only do they impact the … Read More about How to remove scratches from your glasses

Browline glasses style guide

For any setting, bold browline glasses create the ideal retro-modern combination. Among the most recognisable vintage styles ever made are browline eyeglasses and sunglasses. You may have seen a surge in browline frames in recent months, particularly on celebrities. The browline style isn't new, despite its current renaissance. Inspired by the trends of the 1950s and 1960s, this timeless style has … Read More about Browline glasses style guide

General Tips on How to Take Care of Your Prescription Glasses

Besides all our posts about how to take care of your glasses we have a TLDR version below that will quickly cover the most important steps.

Taking good care of your glasses is essential to ensure they stay in good condition and continue to provide you with clear vision. Here are some general tips on how to care for your glasses:

  • Use Both Hands: When putting on or removing your glasses, always use both hands. This helps maintain the alignment and balance of the frames.
  • Clean Regularly: Clean your glasses daily to prevent smudges, dirt, and oils from building up. Use a gentle, lens-friendly cleaner and a microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses.
  • Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia-based window cleaners, as they can damage the lens coatings. Stick to eyeglass-specific cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid Hot Water: Don’t use hot water to clean your glasses. Hot water can damage lens coatings and potentially warp the frames.
  • Use Lens Spray: Consider using a lens spray in addition to a microfiber cloth for a thorough clean. It helps remove smudges and fingerprints effectively.
  • Store Properly: When you’re not wearing your glasses, store them in a hard-shell case. This protects them from scratches, accidental drops, and dust.
  • Avoid Touching the Lenses: Try not to touch the lenses with your fingers. Oils and dirt from your skin can smudge the glass and may be difficult to remove.
  • Handle with Care: When you take off or put on your glasses, do so gently to avoid bending or misaligning the frames.
  • Adjustments by Professionals: If your glasses feel loose, crooked, or uncomfortable, it’s best to get them adjusted by a professional. They have the expertise to make necessary tweaks without causing damage.
  • Keep Them Away from Extreme Temperatures: Avoid leaving your glasses in extremely hot or cold environments, as this can cause the frames to warp or the lenses to crack.
  • Don’t Use Your Shirt or Tissue: Avoid using your shirttail or tissue to clean your lenses. They can contain abrasive materials that can scratch the glass.
  • Visit Your Optician Regularly: Schedule regular check-ups with your optician. They can make sure your prescription is up-to-date and provide any necessary maintenance.
  • Replace Worn-Out Nose Pads: If your glasses have nose pads, inspect them regularly for wear and tear. If they’re damaged or worn, consider replacing them to maintain comfort and fit.
  • Avoid Leaving Them in Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can damage the lenses and fade the frames. When not in use, store them in their case.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your glasses stay in good condition, providing you with clear vision and comfort for a long time.