Try Before You Buy – Home Trial FAQs

To put your mind at ease, here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our try before you buy service.

Do I have to purchase after ordering a Try Before You Buy set?
Not at all. If you didn’t find the perfect pair for you, there’s no obligation to purchase any glasses. Just send your frames back using the pre-paid postage label.

How do I return my Try Before You Buy glasses?
We’ll include a pre-paid postage label in the box so you can return the frames for free via your local Post Office. If you prefer, you can even arrange to have them collected from your address by Royal Mail. This can be arranged directly on the Royal Mail website and it is a free service for our customers.

When will my £1 deposit be refunded?
As soon as we receive the frames via Royal Mail, usually within 7 days of return.

How do I order after sending my frames back?
Find your favourite frame(s) on our website and place a separate order with your prescription. Our trial sets do not include prescription lenses. It is that simple to buy glasses online.

Can I order a second Try Before You Buy set?
If you didn’t find the right frame(s) for you then absolutely. Just place a new online order as you did your previous one and we will be sending the glasses right to your home.

Should I be nervous buying glasses online?
Absolutely not 🙂 We have been in this business for 30 years and for more than 20 years we have been selling glasses the old way and yet we find it very natural to now be selling glasses online. Take advantage of our no risk home trial offer to try 4 pair of glasses at home.

Why are you so excited about selling glasses online?
We believe that the pros outweighs the cons significantly. With our home trial you can now test the glasses out with many different outfits as well as show them to family and friends without having to drag them with you to the shop. All of this while also getting more value for your money.

If you have any other questions about our trial glasses service, please feel free to get in touch.


Buying Glasses Online is Easier Than You Think

Below are a few of our latest reviews or feedback we have gotten from our customers. Buying glasses online is no different from buying books or clothes online. Its easy and a huge time saver 🙂

Seamless Experience!

Ordering glasses online was a breeze! The website was user-friendly, and the virtual try-on feature gave me confidence in my choice. The process from selecting frames to entering my prescription was straightforward. The glasses fit perfectly which I of course expected them to as I did take advantage of their home trial.

Effortless Excellence

The online glasses-buying process was quite smooth and on top of that I saved a lot of money thanks to the welcome bonus and the 10% off when buying 2 frames. I did do the home trial twice just to make sure I picked the right glasses. No issues with recover and returning the home trial. The glasses with prescription arrived promptly and were of outstanding quality despite not being Ray Bans or other well known brand. I’m a delighted customer and I will be buying again!