Which glasses are best paired with brown hair?

Glasses for brown hair

When you’re out shopping for accessories – be it a new necklace or a fabulous pair of earrings – you’ll know what it’s like trying to find something that complements your hair colour. It’s just the same with glasses!

Some glasses are better suited for those with blonde hair while others are better suited for brown hair (which is why we’re writing this article). Whether you’re mousy-brown with a dash of strawberry blonde or your hair is a deep shade of chocolate, we’ve got you covered.

What face shape do you have?

Before we get into the colour side of things, ask yourself: “what face shape do I have?”. This is your first port of call. Depending on whether you have a heart-shaped face or a more oval profile, certain frames will flatter you more than others.

What colour glasses look best for people with brown hair?

Brown-coloured hair is a vast spectrum, so we’re going to cover light brown hair and dark brown hair.

Light brown hair

For light brown hair, we suggest you go with tortoiseshell glasses – it’s a classic combination! Brunettes have gone for tortoiseshell since the beginning of time, just because it’s so complementary. It will bring out the rich, lustrous tones of your hair.

Watson frames

You should also consider other warm-coloured glasses like bronze, reds and rich browns. Our Watson frames in brown are a good shout!

Dark brown hair

You should go with silvers, golds or bronze (if in doubt, tortoiseshell is still a good choice). You should avoid the heavy, darker styles because they will mirror your dark hair in a way that could be unflattering.

How to match your eye colour to your frames

Best colours for blue eyes/brown hair

Blair blue aqua frames

We recommend that if you have blue eyes and brown hair you should look for blue and grey tones to match (our Blair frames, maybe?), or light browns if you want to contrast. Avoid really dark colours, like black and deep brown.

Best colours for brown eyes/brown hair

If you have both brown eyes and brown hair, the key is (you guessed it) tortoiseshell. Other warm colours are suitable, too.

Best colours for green eyes/brown hair

Logan Green Olive Frames

If you’re blessed with green eyes, you’re best looking for earthy tones and avoiding colours that clash too heavily (green eyes and brown hair is diverse enough!).

But, what about sunglasses?

While it might be a bit early for the sun just yet, it’s good to be prepared. Here are the kinds of sunglasses you should go for if you have brown hair.

Should you go with black or brown sunglasses for brown hair?

Cyrus & Dayton Frames

With brown hair, feel free to be a little daring and go for a pair of dark-lensed ‘statement’ sunglasses. Alternatively, if you want to create a modern, lighter look then you’re safe with a pair of warm-coloured brown lenses. Our Dayton and Cyrus shades offer both brown and black lenses, featuring UV400 lenses as standard!

We’ve got your style

Whichever combination of colours you go for, we’ll have it at Arlo Wolf. Between women’s prescription glasses and men’s optical glasses, we cover a vast range. Take a look! You can even try before you buy.