Which glasses are best paired with red hair?

Glasses for red hair

At Arlo Wolf, we believe that you should be able to wear whatever you want, regardless of how you look or who you are. Red hair pairs so well with all of our frames and allows you to create a variety of striking looks. If you are looking to find the perfect glasses to harmonise with your hair colour, you are in the right place!

In this glasses guide, we take a look at the best colours, styles and glasses shapes for those sporting red hair – whether it’s natural or not! If you have red hair, you’ll be pleased to know there are lots of glasses options for your hair colour, but you’ll also need to determine your face shape.

What colour glasses should redheads wear?

Redheads suit a wide range of colours, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from! Take a look at some key design features which often suit people with red hair the most, as well as some of our favourite frames.

1. Cool tones

If you have bright red hair, you’ll find that cool tones suit you best. We’re talking browns, creams and even pale blues, blacks and greens. Here are some stunning glasses that we recommend.

Archer in Brown is an excellent choice for redheads with it’s subtle, two-tone brown tones.

Our Logan glasses in Olive are also perfect for those with red hair. This on-trend, square style frame is slightly larger than our Holmes glasses and is the perfect choice for work and the weekends.

2. Gold frames

Not only are gold frames very much on-trend at the moment, but they also pair really well with red hair of all tones. Our Harrison glasses in Gold could be the perfect, elegant touch to your look (they’re also available in tortoise).

3. Tortoiseshell and copper colours

Redheads also suit tortoiseshell and copper colour glasses. Pairing these colours with your hair colour is a bold and vibrant look that all redheads can pull off!

For an extremely bold and daring look, we recommend our Bobbi Tortoise glasses. With stunning marble colours, these glasses will perfectly complement your red hair.

If these glasses are a little too adventurous for you, try a more subtle tortoiseshell in the form of our Brooklyn Tortoise glasses. These frames are thin, which means the tortoise colour is much more subtle but is just as complimentary.

Sunglasses for red hair

A similar rule applies when pairing sunglasses with red hair: avoid bright tones and go for cooler shades like browns, greys and golds. We recommend:

Take a look at our Instagram page and find out how different Arlo Wolf customers style their favourite frames with their stunning red hair!

Finding your face shape

An essential factor to consider when choosing a pair of glasses (no matter what your hair colour) is your face shape. If you’re asking yourself “what face shape do I have?”, take a look at our guide. Once you’ve determined your face shape (be it round, square or oval), you’ll know what shape of frames suit you best.

Read our guide, How to pick glasses for your face shape for more details.

Glasses for everyone

Don’t worry if you can’t see the frames you like; we’ve got lots of other glasses that are suitable for redheads. Take a look at our women’s prescription glasses and men’s optical glasses for a little more inspiration! We also have our try before you buy service, so you can pick out four pairs of glasses you like and try them on for free before committing to buy.

For more hair coloured-based shopping decision making, take a look at our blog posts for glasses best suited for brown hair, and for those who are fairer, glasses are best suited for blonde hair.