What is glasses reglazing?

Glasses reglazing involves replacing the lenses in your existing glasses frames. With prices starting at just £30, it’s a cost-effective way of upgrading to your new prescription. 

You might need your glasses reglazing if:

  • Your prescription has changed since you first bought your glasses
  • You’ve damaged your existing lenses
  • You want to switch to a different type of lenses e.g. varifocals

We can reglaze any brand of glasses

At Arlo Wolf, we can reglaze any brand of glasses and fit them with our very own prescription lenses – that includes single vision, varifocal and blue light lenses if required. All of our lenses include an anti-glare and anti-scratch coating to ensure their longevity. 

Contact us today to book your glasses reglazing online.

Reglazing sunglasses

We also offer sunglasses reglazing alongside our glasses reglazing service. We can reglaze your sunglasses with UV400 prescription lenses or polarized lenses as required.

How our glasses reglazing service works

  • Step 1Fill out a quick contact form to let us know you’d like your glasses reglazing. Don’t forget to add your latest prescription so that we can provide an accurate price estimate.
  • Step 2 – We’ll then send you a cost estimate by email (our reglazing service prices start at just £30) along with a secure payment link.
  • Step 3 – Once you have completed the payment, download the pre-paid postage label and send your glasses out to us via your local Post Office.
  • Step 4 – Once our lab has completed the reglazing process, we’ll send your glasses back to you equipped with your shiny new lenses. It really is that simple! We even include a new Arlo Wolf protective case and cleaning cloth!

Get in touch today to start the glasses reglazing process.

Glasses Reglazing FAQs

Can you get new lenses in old frames?

Absolutely! That’s what our glasses reglazing service is all about. Send us your old frames and we’ll fit your brand new anti-glare and anti-scratch prescription lenses.

How long does it take to reglaze glasses?

When you choose to reglaze your glasses with us, you’ll have shiny new lenses in no time. From when we receive your frames, you can expect to have them back within 7-10 working days if all of the information you have provided is correct.

Can you reglaze any glasses brand?

Whatever make or brand of glasses you own, we can reglaze them with brand new lenses. Of course, that includes our very own Arlo Wolf glasses.

Is glasses reglazing safe?

We only work with the best UK prescription laboratories and use the highest quality materials, so rest assured our glasses reglazing service is safe. 

However, glasses sent to us for reglazing are sent at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for poor quality frames damaged during the reglazing process. 

When we fit your glasses with new lenses, your new Arlo Wolf lenses are covered under our 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you have any further questions about our glasses reglazing service, or you’d like to book your glasses in for reglazing, please contact us using our online contact form.

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