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Black Horn Rimmed Glasses in Prescription Eyewear

Black Horn Rimmed Glasses is a style that transcends eras, epitomizing (ok we used the thesaurus for that one) timeless elegance and intellectual chic. These iconic frames have a rich history, evolving from their origins to become a prominent choice in the realm of prescription eyewear. Let's delve into the background of Black Horn Rimmed Glasses, explore their popularity in prescription eyewear, … Read More about Black Horn Rimmed Glasses in Prescription Eyewear

Unveiling the Latest Trends in Women’s Eyewear

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, eyewear has transcended its utilitarian roots, emerging as a potent style accessory. For the modern woman, glasses are not just a necessity; they're a fashion statement, an extension of personality. Let's embark on a stylish journey as we explore the latest trends in women's glasses that seamlessly blend fashion-forward designs with functional flair. It is no … Read More about Unveiling the Latest Trends in Women’s Eyewear

Summer Sunglasses Trends 2023: An Arlo Wolf and Celeb-Approved Style Guide

Despite it does not shine every day here in the UK, we need to shield our eyes and embrace the latest sunglasses trends that not only protect our vision but also add a touch of glamour to our summer outfits. Sunglasses have become a timeless accessory, and each year brings fresh styles and designs to the fashion scene. In 2023, we're witnessing a revival of classic looks, bold statements, and … Read More about Summer Sunglasses Trends 2023: An Arlo Wolf and Celeb-Approved Style Guide

How to shop sustainably this Earth Day

The 22nd of April is Earth Day, giving us a chance to take a look at what we are doing to protect the planet we live on. The fashion industry has a long way to go when it comes to sustainability, but sustainable fashion for many brands is finally becoming more important. At Arlo Wolf, we are committed to sustainability in fashion by offering sustainable eyewear, such as our eco-friendly … Read More about How to shop sustainably this Earth Day

Glasses for round face shapes

Figuring out your face shape can be pretty difficult. Do you have a heart shaped face? An oval shaped one? More importantly when figuring out your face shape, you may wonder which glasses to pick for your face shape. If so, then this guide will help you.  Using our helpful face shape selector, you can not only determine which face shape you have but also which glasses to choose for round face … Read More about Glasses for round face shapes

How to apply makeup if you wear glasses

Are you unsure of how to pair your makeup with glasses? The thickness of your glasses’ frames could detract attention from the makeup look you’re trying to achieve and showcase. Fortunately, there’s a knack to achieving harmony between your chosen eyewear and wearing your favourite makeup. Making sure the colour of your glasses doesn’t clash with your makeup is a great way to start. In this … Read More about How to apply makeup if you wear glasses

Outfit Ideas For Men This Spring

With spring drawing closer and another London Fashion Week approaching in June, now is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe and dress to the latest trends. Fashion is always changing, as new styles and trends are introduced constantly. It can be difficult to keep up with this and still look your best. While it's not time to dress for the sun just yet, you can certainly shed some of the … Read More about Outfit Ideas For Men This Spring

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas For Valentine's Day, we tend to think about the red roses, boxes of chocolates and plush toys that have been criticised for being tacky. The traditions of Valentine’s Day feel like a bit of a cliché, but as time goes on, more people are finding ways to celebrate love that are not traditional. For example, some of us might be spending Valentine's Day with our friends … Read More about Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Sustainable Fashion for the New Year

Fashion trends are changing all the time, and if you want to look your best heading into the New Year, it’s important to dress with the times. However, now more than ever, there is a huge push for sustainable fashion brands. You may be asking yourself, what is sustainable fashion? This is fashion that is environmentally-friendly and has been made using ethical materials. If we can stay stylish … Read More about Sustainable Fashion for the New Year

Winter Clothing Style Guide

Wearing clothing that suits the seasons and is stylish can be quite tricky, especially during the winter, as wearing a big waterproof coat isn’t exactly everyone's idea of fashionable. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing your favourite coat and keeping warm during the winter months, there are other ways you can stay warm while sprucing up your look. With the party season and New Year’s Eve … Read More about Winter Clothing Style Guide

Eyewear Trends for 2023

Out with the old eyewear and in with the new! The start of 2023 is the perfect time for new fashion trends to burst onto the scene, and we’re expecting to see a big change! While some trends from 2022 are set to stay, there will be several new unexpected trends for you to keep an eye on (excuse the pun).  There are so many eyewear options available these days, and it’s no surprise that the … Read More about Eyewear Trends for 2023

The best hats to wear with glasses

It’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter, which means winter wardrobes are at the top of our shopping list! When wrapping up warm, a lot of us will be thinking about hats. There’s no need to compromise on style and feeling warm as you brace for the cold. Here is a guide to some of the best hats to wear with glasses and how to wear them, so you can find the perfect pairing based on your … Read More about The best hats to wear with glasses