Passport Photos in the UK – Navigating the Rules with Style

When it comes to passport photos in the UK, adherence to specific guidelines is essential to ensure your identification documents are valid and acceptable. From the choice of eyewear to considerations about clothing and accessories, here's a guide to help you strike the right balance between style and compliance when capturing your passport photo. Can You Wear Glasses or Sunglasses in Passport … Read More about Passport Photos in the UK – Navigating the Rules with Style

Unveiling the Latest Trends in Women’s Eyewear

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, eyewear has transcended its utilitarian roots, emerging as a potent style accessory. For the modern woman, glasses are not just a necessity; they're a fashion statement, an extension of personality. Let's embark on a stylish journey as we explore the latest trends in women's glasses that seamlessly blend fashion-forward designs with functional flair. It is no … Read More about Unveiling the Latest Trends in Women’s Eyewear

Innovating the Glasses Shopping Experience: Free Home Trials

The other day we were clearing out some old papers in the office here at Arlo Wolf and we stumbled upon an old pre-business plan that we used to write the full one. Oh my it felt nostalgic. How this paper kick-started everything. How we wanted to make it easier to buy glasses online by offering a home trial solution; where the customer order the glasses online and try them on at home. We thought … Read More about Innovating the Glasses Shopping Experience: Free Home Trials

Spectacles on Screen: The Role of Glasses as Props in Cinema

While we sell prescription glasses here at Arlo Wolf does not mean we laugh at glasses when used as probs or when they are obvious "fake" as in without prescriptions. Some times they work great as probs like in the well known Hollywood movies. Here are some of most famous probs. From the iconic horn-rimmed glasses perched atop Clark Kent's nose to the round, wire-framed spectacles donned by Harry … Read More about Spectacles on Screen: The Role of Glasses as Props in Cinema

The Evolution of Prescription Glasses

We wear them every day and we literally look through them for many hours a day but we rarely think about how they came about or even just about the improvements we have seen over the last century. Here at Arlo Wolf we have prepare a little history lesson about prescription glasses. Luckily there has been technological advancement since the beginning as well a lot work is put into the designs. … Read More about The Evolution of Prescription Glasses

Best places to read for your eye health

It’s a well known fact that reading on old fashioned paper is beneficial for your eyes. In a world dominated by screens and online spaces, it can be easy to cast aside paper books in favour of social media. As British Summer Time has just arrived, we thought it apt to recommend the best places to kick back with a book, whilst improving your eye health. At Arlo Wolf, we’ve compiled this guide on … Read More about Best places to read for your eye health

Can reading affect your eye health?

Reading and eye health have been the subject of an ongoing debate for some time, with a lot of mixed messages regarding whether reading is good or bad for your eyesight. What is accepted by most is that reading does have some effect on your eye health, but is this effect positive or negative? It’s important to separate fact from fiction when discussing a topic such as eye health, and knowing ways … Read More about Can reading affect your eye health?

Arlo Wolf Book Club – why we’re joining #Booktok

It’s the start of a new year. With that comes New Year's resolutions, and Arlo Wolf’s is to read more. For us at Arlo Wolf, we’ve had a history of sharing book recommendations on our Instagram because we know the importance of reading for eye health. Towards the end of last year, we joined TikTok and became inspired by the book loving community as they shared their favourite books. So, this year, … Read More about Arlo Wolf Book Club – why we’re joining #Booktok

Reasons why an Arlo Wolf gift card is a great Christmas gift

Christmas gift card from Arlo Wolf Often, when it comes to Christmas gifts, planning what to buy someone can be more stressful than it should or needs to be. We’re all unique, so it makes sense that we all like different things and that can cause confusion. It can take a lot of research and time spent shopping to find the perfect Christmas treat, which is not ideal when there’s the tree to put up … Read More about Reasons why an Arlo Wolf gift card is a great Christmas gift

Halloween costume ideas 2022

Halloween costume ideas for glasses wearers How is October here already? The year is whizzing by but the best thing about this time of year is the different seasonal events that come along with it. First up is Halloween and that means you need a costume. You might be thinking about a costume that everybody’s going to recognise this year, so here are our best Halloween costumes for 2022. Since … Read More about Halloween costume ideas 2022

Eco friendly fashion guide

Eco style guide We understand the importance of eco fashion, and with rising climate awareness and society slowly moving away from fast fashion, we have created this guide on where and how to get the best eco-friendly fashion pieces. The guide also explains how to pair our new eco-friendly glasses range and more importantly why it’s crucial to get rid of your big-brand online shopping apps and … Read More about Eco friendly fashion guide

Wearing sunglasses to a wedding

Sunglasses for weddings With summer in full swing (although it may not feel like it), many people are starting to browse their sunglasses collections to find the perfect pair to match their outfits. The nice weather also means more outside weddings are also taking place - and sunglasses are a must. But, how do you wear sunglasses to a wedding? At Arlo Wolf, our wedding sunglasses guide will … Read More about Wearing sunglasses to a wedding

Glasses & Lifestyle

Glasses have become more than just a tool for vision correction; they’re a significant element of personal style and identity. In the fashion world, glasses are seen as a statement accessory, often chosen to complement an outfit or express individuality. The design and shape of frames evolve with fashion trends, allowing wearers to stay current or showcase a timeless look. Beyond aesthetics, glasses are crucial for many in their daily lives, improving vision clarity for tasks like reading, driving, and computer use. The choice of glasses often reflects the wearer’s lifestyle, whether they need durable frames for active lifestyles or sophisticated styles for professional environments. This interplay between function and fashion makes glasses a unique aspect of modern life.

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