Terms & Conditions

Arlo Wolf Terms & Conditions

By submitting an order to Arlo Wolf you confirm:

  • You are aged 16 or over and are not registered blind or partially sighted;
  • You are in possession of a written prescription for your spectacles that has been given to you by a suitably qualified person in the last 24 months (or 12 months if you are aged 70 or over); and
  • You will supply accurate details of your current prescription (including any notes on the prescription) when requested.

Please note that whilst we can refund the cost of the glasses, additional lens upgrades are customer specific and therefore cannot be refunded.

If you add a lens upgrade to your sunglasses, the lenses will be custom made for you. In the case of you wanting to return sunglasses with a lens upgrade, we will only be able to refund the cost of the frames and not the lenses.

If ordering glasses or sunglasses to Try Before You Buy, please be aware that we take a £1 charge from your card. This will be refunded upon receipt of the complete Try Before You Buy pack at our warehouse.

The Try Before You Buy service lasts for 1 week. The 1 week starts from confirmation by the Royal Mail that the package has been delivered to your chosen address. If you miss the parcel and need to collect it from a local depot, the home trial will start for 1 week from day of collection.

We will contact you 3 times via email/telephone to chase up the return of the Try Before You Buy pack. If, 48 hours after the final attempt to contact you, we have not received the Try Before You Buy pack, then we will charge your card for each frame at full cost.

  • 1st Contact will occur 1 week after receiving your home trial
  • 2nd Contact will occur 10 days after receiving your home trial
  • 3rd and final contact will occur 12 days after receiving your home trial.

All goods will be inspected on return and must be in the same condition in which they arrived with you.