Blue Light Glasses

  1. Protect your eyes with our blue light glasses, also known as computer glasses.
  2. Available now with any Arlo Wolf frames.
  3. Delivered directly to your door with a stylish case and lens cloth.

Our blue light lenses

Because of our dependence on digital devices like mobile phones and laptops, we are now more exposed to High Energy Visible light (HEV) than ever before. 

At Arlo Wolf Eyewear, our blue light lenses are specially designed to reduce HEV blue light exposure for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of digital devices.

Our blue light lenses are also complete with anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings for a long-lasting, protective finish.

Stylish and protective

At Arlo Wolf Eyewear, all of our glasses for women and for men can be fitted with blue light lenses – whether you require a prescription or not. 

Our blue light lens upgrade option is available for just £25. To find your perfect pair, browse our frames online and select the ‘Digital Media Lenses’ upgrade option for your own pair of blue light blockers. 

We can even reglaze your current pair of glasses with our blue light lenses.

Try our styles at home

We understand that finding a stylish pair of blue light glasses is important, so why not try before you buy? Choose any 4 pairs and we’ll send them to your door. Try them on for up to 1 week and simply send them back once you’ve made a decision. You can then place a separate order with Digital Media Lenses and your blue light glasses will be with you in no time. 

Blue light guides

Want to learn more about blue light exposure and how it can affect your eyesight? Take a look at these handy resources: