Men's Sunglasses

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Explore our range of Men’s sunglasses by Arlo Wolf, a collection designed for a variety of personalities, styles and occasions. Our frame range varies quite significantly, making it easy to find the right pair of sunglasses to complement your specific face shape (the best match can be found by using our face shape guide).

Arlo Wolf sunglasses include high quality lenses. The opportunities are endless, as lenses can be upgraded with polarised lenses and stunning mirror finishes. We think our new Brooklyn frames in Gold Sun men’s sunglasses look great with our indigo mirror finish.

Our men’s polarised sunglasses don’t just look good, they offer practical benefits too. They provide the optimal viewing experience both indoors and outside by reducing glare. Prescription mirror lens include full UV400 protection when choosing to add them to your Arlo Wolf men’s sunglasses.

Men’s prescription sunglasses don’t have to look bland. Whether your prescription is minor or you need varifocals, all of our sunglasses for men are available with prescription lenses to cater for your optical needs.

You can find all the latest and greatest sunglasses for men in our new arrivals section. Alternatively, if someone you know is looking for a new pair of stylish frames, make use of our try before you buy home trial, which allows you to test up to 4 frames at home for a week.