The essential skincare guide for glasses wearers

Are you suffering from dreaded glasses marks on your nose or acne caused by wearing your frames daily? When you’re wearing glasses regularly, a good skincare routine is essential. 

Wearing frames on your face all day can certainly wreak havoc with your skin, but don’t worry, these skincare tips will leave you with a clearer complexion in no time.

Glasses marks

One of the biggest complaints glasses wearers often have is about the marks glasses can leave behind on your nose, particularly if you wear your glasses throughout most of the week. These marks often appear on either side of your nose and can be red or brown in colour, depending on your skin tone and how new they are. Some people are more prone to glasses marks when they’re wearing frames with nose pads.

Are glasses marks permanent?

No, thankfully glasses marks are not permanent. They can be reduced with a simple skincare routine and a good pair of glasses.

How do I get rid of glasses marks on my nose?

Follow these steps and you’ll be free of glasses marks in no time:


  • Make sure your glasses are fitted correctly. If they’re too tight or too small, they may be rubbing on your nose and causing these dark marks. Take a look at our adjusting your glasses at home guide for a little help with readjusting your frames.
  • Clean your glasses daily. Dirt and debris on your frames can also contribute. Here’s how to properly clean them.
  • Cleanse and exfoliate your face regularly. This will help to lift any dirt from your pores, helping to prevent further marking and pigmentation.
  • Try a lightening technique. Use lemon juice on the marked areas. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which has natural skin-lightening properties. Don’t forget to patch test first as some skin types can be sensitive to citric acid.
  • Finish with an Aloe Vera moisturiser. Aloe Vera has skin healing properties that can help to fade any marks.

Glasses acne

Can glasses cause acne?

Throughout the day, your face is exposed to many different dirt particles that can easily get trapped underneath your glasses. Eventually, these particles can result in blocked pores, irritated skin and breakouts.

But don’t worry, there are a few ways to reduce glasses acne.

How to prevent glasses acne

  1. Keep your glasses clean. You can simply use warm (not hot) water and a soft cloth to clean them daily.
  2. Exfoliate regularly.
  3. Consider introducing blemish-fighting ingredients into your skincare routine, such as a salicylic acid cleanser.
  4. Switch to a lightweight pair of glasses, such as Maya, Lyla or Lennox.
  5. Take a break from your glasses. It can be tempting to keep your frames on all day, but if you don’t need them in certain situations, simply removing them can help to reduce the chances of blemishes.

How to find the right glasses for you 

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