How to pick glasses for your face shape

How to choose the right glasses for your face shape

Choosing the right glasses for your face shape is important. When buying glasses online, it can sometimes be difficult to know if they will suit you or not. There are so many styles to choose from, so how do you find the right pair of glasses?

That’s where we come in! Our face shapes guide will help you choose the right glasses for you, whatever your face shape. We’ve even covered sunglasses in the guide, so you can look stylish whatever the weather.

Step 1: Determine your face shape

Grab a mirror and take a look at the shape of your face. If you’re unsure, ask a friend or family member. You should find that you fit one of the following face shape categories:

  • Square face shapes: often have angular lines and a strong jawline. Your forehead might also be quite broad.
  • Round face shapes: the height and width of a round face shape are often the same. Your cheekbones and jawline might not be very prominent.
  • Rectangular face shapes: often have a deep forehead, strong jawline and elongated nose.
  • Oval face shapes: the most common face shape – you are likely to have nicely balanced features, high cheekbones and a narrow chin.
  • Heart face shapes: typically feature a deep forehead, strong jawline and elongated nose. Similar, but not quite the same as rectangular face shapes.

Step 2: Find glasses to match your face shape

Once you have determined your face shape, whether it’s square, oval or heart-shaped, take a look at our face shapes guide to see which pairs of glasses would best suit you. Even if you haven’t determined your face shape yet, our guide will give you visual representations of what your face might look like, along with personalised glasses recommendations.

Prescription glasses for your face shape

Whatever your face shape, we have a huge selection of men’s optical glasses and women’s prescription glasses to choose from, meaning there is something for everyone.

All of our glasses include prescription lenses featuring thin, scratch resistant lenses with an anti-glare coating as standard. If you prefer, you can even upgrade your lenses to digital media lenses or varifocal lenses. Finding the perfect pair of glasses has never been easier.

Prescription sunglasses for your face shape

It can be tricky to find the right pair of sunglasses for your face shape, too, but not with our face shapes guide. Now that you know your face shape, it’s easy to find a stylish pair of sunglasses to suit you.

Did you know? Sunglasses are important in winter, too! In fact, you could find the cold weather creates a greater need for sunglasses. Find your perfect pair of women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses from our range.

All of our sunglasses are equipped with UV400 lenses as standard, ensuring your eyes will be fully protected from the sun. You can even add polarised lenses to eliminate glare.

Step 3: Try before you buy

With our try before you buy service, you can pick 4 frames you’d like and try them on for free. You get to keep them for 1 week, so you can show your new frames off to your friends and family to see what they think. This way, you can be sure you are getting a pair of glasses that totally suit your face shape.