Which glasses are best paired with grey hair?

Glasses for grey hair

Whether your grey hair is au naturel or you’ve dabbled with a little hair dye, the great news is grey hair is extremely complementary to those that wear glasses.

From the shape to the style and colour, there’s a lot to think about when purchasing a pair of glasses. Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices – in this guide we’ll break down the best styles for your hair, face shape and even recommend some frames (including sunglasses) for you to try!

First things first, find your face shape

As important as your hair colour is, you’ll first need to determine the shape of your face when deciding which glasses to buy. Finding your face shape will help you determine what style of glasses might suit you best. You’re probably now asking yourself “what face shape do I have?” – but finding out is easy thanks to our guide! You’ll just need to take a quick look in the mirror while referring back to it.

Finding the perfect frames

Now you’ve found your face shape, and the shape of the frame that suits you best, let’s find the best colour glasses for your grey hair.

A splash of colour

Your grey hair might be very much on-trend, but we recommend looking for a pair of glasses that add a splash of colour to your face. The good news is your grey hair won’t clash with any bright colours – so you really do have the luxury of many different styles and frames. We’re thinking bold colours like blues, reds and even pinks!

We recommend our Sloane frames in claret for those looking for wide, rounded frames – perhaps those with a square or oval face shape! We also have our stunning Ella frames in purple, blue and red for a bold yet beautiful choice! 

Browse the rest of our bright frames in our range of prescription glasses for women and men.

Warm tones are in

Grey can sometimes be a cooling colour, so why not spice things up with some warm coloured glasses? Think earthy colours like brown and orange – or perhaps a tortoise frame that mixes the two.

We absolutely love these Dakota glasses in tortoise with a hint of crystal. They’re a real fashion statement that would pair perfectly with any grey hairstyle. If you’re looking for a frame that’s a little more rectangular, we recommend our Riley in Tortoise. Don’t be fooled by this autumnal colour, it can be complementary all year round to those with grey hair. For something a little darker but still warming, take a look at our popular Bobbi in Tortoise frame.

Sunglasses for grey hair

When it comes to sunglasses for grey hair, similar rules apply. Bright colours and warm tones are welcome, but those with grey hair really do suit any frames. We’d recommend Jude in Tortoise for a hint of brown and orange tones, while Axel Sun in Tortoise offers an equally as warm tone that’s ideal for grey hair. For an even bolder look, check out Jesse Sun in Black or explore the rest of our sunglasses for women and men

Try before you buy glasses

Whether you have grey or brown hair, red or blonde, you’ll find something to suit you in our extensive range of prescription glasses for men and women. 

If you can’t decide on just one pair, why not try before you buy? Our free home try-on service allows you to mix and match your favourite glasses or sunglasses and try them on from the comfort of your own home. Show them off to your friends and family before deciding which pair is right for you. Once you’ve made a decision, simply send them back using the pre-paid postage label and order your favourite frames. There’s no pressure to purchase if you didn’t find the right frame for you. 

Popular models for home try-on