Majorca Style Guide

Majorca Fashion

Known for being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Majorca is also home to many renowned fashion brands and independent boutiques. This means that dressing to impress should be high on your agenda, and visiting one of Majorca’s fashion stores should occupy a space on your holiday itinerary. 

Read our Majorca style guide for exclusive fashion tips, including what to wear and when to wear it, and which pairs of our Arlo Wolf sunglasses we think are best suited to whatever outfit you decide to rock this summer.

What to wear in Majorca

Majorca is the gem of the Balearic Islands, and represents the very best of the Mediterranean fashion scene. From small independent boutiques, to stores selling well known brands, the scope of Majorca’s fashion scene is vast, and we’re sure you’re keen to learn more about the brands and designers that make Majorca the fashion hub of the Balearics. 

Majorca fashion mostly features many of the styles that we’re used to seeing, just changed or altered in a way that makes it feel unique. We recommend dressing up for nights out wining and dining, whether that’s wearing a stylish dress, or shirt and a pair of shorts. Let’s take a look at what seasonal attire would be the best option for a spontaneous trip to Majorca. 

Summer in Majorca

As with any holiday in the Mediterranean, you’re going to want to take the essentials like sunscreen and sunglasses. At Arlo Wolf, we have a vast collection of eyewear that we believe would be a perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe, and that’ll help you blend in effortlessly with the Majorcan fashion scene and locals. Why not try Axel Sun in Black for the ultimate eye protection in peak sun, or Brooklyn Sun in Gold for a perfectly on-trend look for summer. 

Winter in Majorca 

For those of us who aren’t keen on the heat, winter in Majorca, although very mild, may offer you the relief from the scorching summer heat that you’re looking for. Weather in Majorca can reach temperatures of around 16-17℃ in winter, but can drop considerably at night, so opt for a light cover-up or jacket.

A loose fitting pair of jeans would also do the trick during colder months. As for sunglasses, despite it being winter the sun will definitely still be shining, so we’d recommend going for Chase Sun in Gold for a softer look, or Brooklyn Sun in Silver. After all, sunglasses are just as important in winter!

Packing essentials

In order to blend in with the Majorcan locals and look your best while on holiday, we recommend a few packing essentials to help you holiday in style. For women, a flowy dress or skirt and a hat are the basic essentials, as well as of course, suncream. For men, a pair of loose fitting shorts and a shirt made of breathable fabric like cotton would suffice. You might want to pack a cardigan or thin jacket, as, although you probably won’t need it, the weather can get a bit cooler during the evening. 

Packing wouldn’t be complete without a pair of trusty sunglasses. Luckily for you, Arlo Wolf has a vast range for you to choose from. Austin Sun in Gold, Brees Sun in Tortoise and Cyrus Sun in Gold can offer you that stylish feel while also giving your eyes sufficient protection from the Majorcan sun. 

Popular Majorca fashion spots

It wouldn’t be a Majorcan holiday without visiting the Mallorcan Fashion Outlet, where you can find a range of popular brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Levis. Make sure you visit all the local boutique stores for statement and one-of-a-kind pieces. FAN Mallorca Shopping Centre also offers big brand stores, in case you need a quick trip to Primark for some discounted goods. 

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