Why sunglasses are just as important in winter

Why are sunglasses important in winter?

It is often suggested that sunglasses are just as important in winter, if not more important – but why? The positioning of the sun can be a factor, as can the weather conditions and where you are in the world.


Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve summarised all there is to know about winter sunglasses. This should help you understand why sunglasses are just as important in winter and help you when searching for a good, quality pair of sunglasses to block UV radiation.


1. UV rays are still harmful in winter


It’s a common assumption that the sun isn’t as dangerous in winter, as its rays might not feel as strong. However, the sun’s UV rays are just as dangerous in winter as they are in summer. UV radiation also increases by 5% for every 1,000m you climb above sea level. If you’re planning on doing a bit of winter hiking, you might want to invest in a good pair of sunglasses.


If you’re worried about choosing a pair of sunglasses to suit your style, take a look at our handy face shapes guide for sunglasses, so you can pick your perfect pair.


2. The sun sits lower in winter


As you’ve probably noticed, the sun sits lower during the winter months, leading to more direct exposure to harmful UV radiation. A pair of sunglasses could help you see more clearly on those sunny days in winter, particularly when driving.


3. Sunglasses offer protection from cold winds


Cold winds, snow and icy conditions are more harmful to your eyes than you might think. Wind could cause the moisture in your eyes to dry up. Dry eyes are a common condition in the winter months, but if you wear sunglasses, you’re much less likely to suffer from irritated and red eyes during a cold spell.


4. Snow reflects the sun


Going skiing this winter or heading to a country partial to a bit of snow? The snow reflects up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays back into our eyes, so a good pair of sunglasses will help to protect you from those harmful UV rays.


What makes a good pair of sunglasses?


Here at Arlo Wolf, we have produced an extensive, high-quality range of sunglasses for both men and women. If you’re investing in a pair of sunglasses for winter, make sure you look out for a strong UV protection.


All of our glasses come with UV400 lenses as standard, so you won’t have to worry about causing any harm to your eyes in winter. You can even add prescription or polarised lenses to eliminate glare and block 100% of UV rays – perfect for driving or outdoor sporting activities in winter.

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