Outfit Ideas For Men This Spring

With spring drawing closer and another London Fashion Week approaching in June, now is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe and dress to the latest trends. Fashion is always changing, as new styles and trends are introduced constantly. It can be difficult to keep up with this and still look your best. While it’s not time to dress for the sun just yet, you can certainly shed some of the layers and cut down on the big coats.

Here at Arlo Wolf, we have looked into the best spring men’s fashion trends to generate the go-to guide for the best spring outfit ideas for men. Reading this guide to men’s spring fashion 2023 will be the perfect way to stay on top of the latest trends and stay looking your best heading into the new season.

Men’s spring fashion trends

Baggy pants

After being the height of fashion and the representation of rebellion throughout the 1990s, baggy pants have made a comeback in men’s fashion in recent years. Justin Bieber is an example of someone who has re-embraced the look that took the world by storm over two decades ago. 

Whether you wear baggy jeans, cargo pants or trousers, these options are very comfortable and can be worn all year round. They will be especially great to wear this spring. Accompanied with a baggy t-shirt or sweatshirt, jeans and cargo pants will be a great everyday look to go with.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of men’s sunglasses to accompany the baggy pants look, our Axel Sun in Black men’s prescription eyewear is a great choice. Our Jude in Black is also a great optical lens option to fit this look.


While wearing black, white and grey is an easy choice for men, pastels are definitely in this spring season. Perhaps it’s the perfect time to spice up your wardrobe and try out a different colour palette. If we don’t, we risk our style becoming stagnant. It’s always good to experiment, and with the clouds beginning to fade away and the sun creeping out of its seeming hibernation, the choice of pastels will definitely suit the season.

A bold choice of sunglasses for men that are sure to suit the pastel flavour is the Reign Sun in Crystal prescription mirror glasses. Alternatively, if you’re in the market for optical lenses, our new Brooklyn in Silver lenses are the perfect pairing with pastel colours.

Rave wear

Combining both athleisure and hippie counter-culture, rave wear was another big hit in the 1990s and has made a big resurgence as of late. Tie-dye is an example of this style, which has recently made a comeback and is a key look to watch out for this spring season. It’s definitely a bold look to pull off, but if you do pull it off, you’re sure to catch the eye of many. If you’re looking for spring clothes for men, this will be the perfect modern yet retro look. We also expect certain pieces of rave wear to be prominent during London Fashion Week this coming June, as bold definitely is the new minimalism.

You can even accompany this look with eyewear. Our Bobbi in Tortoise are the perfect men’s optical lenses to suit the rave wear trend. However, if you’re looking for some bold men’s sunglasses to match, you should opt for the Teller Sun in Tortoise Silver mirror lenses.

Plaid and checks

This spring, plaid and check shirts are the way to go. This style never really goes out of style, so it is always a safe but fashionable option to go with. There are a number of different styles you can choose from. If you want a large check design, windowpane, graph and buffalo are the most popular. However, if plaid is more your thing, you could go with the argyle design.

Optical lenses fit perfectly with plaid and check clothing, so you could almost go with any style of men’s prescription glasses. However, we suggest Brooklyn in Silver, or if you’re opting for sunglasses for men, we recommend Brooklyn Sun in Silver.

Spring florals

Spring florals are very much in style for any gender. This spring season, you should expect to see a range of spring floral shirts, jackets, pants and shorts. We also expect this to be a big hit at the upcoming London Fashion Week with snippets of it seen at Paris Fashion Week in January. It looks as though the world of fashion has begun to really take to floral design. So, why not fit in with the beauty of spring and step outside your comfort zone with bold floral print this spring season?

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Spring men’s fashion trends and more with Arlo Wolf

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