Spring Style Guide 2020 

Spring fashion trends

The sun has returned, the flowers are in full bloom and your lightweight jackets are finally coming out of their long winter’s hibernation. All of these things can only mean one thing – spring is in the air! 

Now, we understand that things aren’t ideal right now, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the best of the current situation. With this in mind, we have compiled a spring style guide for inspiration on how to still rock it during this gorgeous time of year – whether you’re relaxing in the garden or going for that daily walk. 

Cosy jogger sets 

We know that we’ve just come out of winter, but you have to admit that there is still that certain nip in the air. And so, as the temperatures begin to rise mildly, you can always trust a stylish jogger set to keep it cosy this spring. The good news about this outfit is that you can wear it for any casual activity, whether that’s relaxing at home or going for that daily dose of sun. Want to accentuate this look further for those at-home selfies? Pair it with our one and only Brook/Clear Crystal frames – simple, but most definitely stand out! 

Brightly-coloured (although not too chunky) jumpers  

As mentioned, it is not quite summer just yet, so give your knitwear one last bit of loving! If you own a brightly-coloured (although not too chunky) jumper, now is the perfect time to wear the piece and be in tune with the season. You may even want to pair it with either a midi skirt or even some cut-off jeans? These clothes themselves are signature spring wear – just mix and match to find that perfect outfit combination for you. If you do go for a rather retro combination with your jumper, perhaps finish off the look with our Harrison/Tortoise frames

Button-down shirts 

We understand that UK weather does constantly change, so for those days where it is simply too warm to rock that knitwear, maybe resort to wearing a button-down shirt? Again, anything bright or patterned just screams spring and positive vibes. Bottoms-wise, jeans (whether cropped or normal) are the perfect go-to for completing a casual outfit such as this. Frames-wise, we think that our Apollo/Carbon Red frames would also finish off this look quite nicely. 

The classic off-the-shoulder shirt 

Speaking of shirts, spring 2020 fashion calls for the annual arrival of off-the-shoulder shirts to the fashion scene. Given the mild but not so warm temperature, this piece of clothing is ideal to wear during this time of year. Not to mention, you know that you’ll always be rocking it with an off-the-shoulder-shirt, especially if you complete the look with a pair of skinny jeans. At Arlo Wolf, we believe that a bold look such as this needs to be complemented with a bold pair of frames. Speaking of which, take a look at our Bobbi/Grey frames

The return of the blouses 

Warmer weather most certainly calls for the return of one of our most favourite pieces of clothing: the stylish blouse. Printed or plain, the signature blouse is definitely a member of the 2020 spring clothing collection. Like a classic off-the-shoulder shirt, a nice blouse would go well with a skinny pair of jeans, or perhaps with a leather or denim skirt? If you’re looking to rock this look further with a trendy pair of spring frames, feast your eyes on the Atwood/Tortoise.

Floral dresses 

As we begin to settle ourselves into the warmer weather, you may think that it’s now time to get into that dress and enjoy what the weather has to offer. Relaxed and chic, a floral dress is an iconic springtime outfit, and is something that will make you look and feel your best while embarking on that daily sunshine walk. To protect your eyes when you’re out and about, you may want to complement this look with our Jesse Sun/Black frames – new and exclusive to Arlo Wolf’s ever-growing range!

Denim on denim 

There is no denying that the fashion choice of ‘denim on denim’ has been scrutinised for many years. However, up until recently, it has gained an immense amount of favouritism. So, if we are talking about 2020 spring fashion trends, let’s not be afraid to rock our blue jackets with our blue jeans. Want to go that one step further? Pair this outfit with our Charlotte/Blue frames or our Breese Sun/Blue frames when you’re indulging in the sun. 

Ditch that faux fur 

Finally, the arrival of spring undoubtedly brings one question to mind: is it okay to ditch those faux fur coats? The simple answer is yes. When deciding what to wear for those daily walks in the sun, pull out those lightweight jackets. Depending on the temperature, a trench coat would also be a good choice. If we’re talking about comfortable spring footwear, these jackets can be paired with a classic pair of white trainers. Oh, and we think that they’d also go well with our Axel Sun/Tortoise frames – perfect for when you’re getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. 

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