What are the best glasses for astigmatism? 

If you’ve been told by your optician that you’re suffering from astigmatism, you might be worried about what that means for your eye health. Thankfully, astigmatism is nothing to worry about and it can easily be corrected with a good pair of glasses or contact lenses.

In this guide, we take a look at what astigmatism really means for your eyes and how you can find the best glasses for astigmatism.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism occurs when your eyeball has an irregular curvature, similar to that of a rugby ball. The curvature of our eyes affects how light focuses on our retina, which in return impacts the quality of our vision. When this astigmatism ‘rugby ball’ curvature occurs, light cannot focus correctly on the retina, leaving you with blurry vision.

If you do have astigmatism, you might suffer from additional symptoms other than blurred vision, including headaches and eyestrain (particularly for those who work on a computer). We understand that these symptoms can take a toll on your daily life, but thankfully, treatment for astigmatism is easily accessible in the UK –  whatever your budget. 

How to correct astigmatism

Like any other common vision problems, there are 3 solutions available to those suffering from astigmatism:

  1. Surgery – A potentially permanent solution but can be costly and comes with some risks.
  2. Glasses – The most affordable and hassle-free option.
  3. Contact lenses – Less intrusive than surgery, but can be more expensive than glasses.

But which treatment is right for you? It really depends on your individual circumstances, but most astigmatism sufferers find glasses to be the most accessible option.

Finding the right glasses for astigmatism

Glasses are without a doubt one of the most popular options for correcting astigmatism. They’re affordable, not intrusive and they can be a really stylish accessory to any outfit. When buying glasses for astigmatism online, you should always look out for those containing an anti-reflective lens coating to help reduce any glare.

All of our prescription glasses for women and men are suitable for those suffering from astigmatism. Our glasses lenses are thin, scratch-resistant and offer an anti-glare coating, making them ideal for correcting astigmatism problems.

When you purchase a pair of glasses on our website, simply submit your prescription at checkout and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Our labs will carefully develop your prescription lenses based on the level of astigmatism on your prescription. It’s worth noting that astigmatism lenses can take a couple of weeks to get used to, so don’t worry if you’re experiencing the occasional dizzy feeling initially.

Buying astigmatism glasses online

Say goodbye to astigmatism with Arlo Wolf’s prescription lenses. We have a stylish collection of glasses for you to choose from, just take a look at our new arrivals for a little inspiration. We’ve even compiled a face shape guide to help you find the right pair for you. 

Try before you buy

Too many styles to choose from? Why not take advantage of our free try before you buy glasses service. Choose any 4 frames from across our site and we’ll send them directly to your door so you can try them on at home. This way, you can really make sure your new astigmatism frames are the right fit for you.

Replacing your existing lenses

Do you have a pair of glasses that you’re just not ready to give up yet? You can keep your beloved frames with our glasses reglazing service. When reglazing your glasses, we’ll simply swap out your existing lenses for brand new, astigmatism-corrective lenses. 

If you have any questions about our glasses for astigmatism or our reglazing service, please do get in touch.