Vintage glasses and sunglasses – our top picks

Vintage fashion ideas

Go-go boots and mini skirts from the 60s to the mom jeans and neon of the 80s – all of our favourite vintage fashions are making a comeback! Here at Arlo Wolf, we are loving the vintage vibe at the moment so we have to show you our favourite vintage-inspired glasses and sunglasses available to buy right now.


The era of The Beatles, Woodstock and Flower Power gave us some of the best vintage glasses look that has rarely gone out of style since. Two-tone glasses were all the rage in the 1960s as an everyday glasses option. 

Caleb in Black Crystal takes inspiration from this classic look. In the 1960s, when mod fashion was all the rage, colourful frames grew in popularity and have been an eye-catching trend since. Our Blue Lennox glasses are a statement piece of eyewear that has such a versatile use – they’ll also keep you looking fashionable while protecting your eyes with their anti-glare and anti-scratch lenses.


Early 1970s glasses took inspiration from John Lennon’s famous small and round glasses look. Our Grant glasses in Grey pay homage to the iconic style, while Brooklyn in Gold was also designed with vintage style in mind. Oversized glasses were the look to have in the late 70s, which were very popular with the younger generation. We think Chase Sun in Gold is a strong contender too, offering a retro yet subtle look.


The 1980s were all about aviator glasses. Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Our Cyrus Sun in Gold takes the classic 80s glasses look and adds a stylish edge that elevates them for 2021 fashion trends. These classic gold glasses really pop with the green-tinted lenses. Cyrus is also available in Tortoise for an equally vintage 80s look. 


Tinted lenses were a 90s must-have for sunglasses. Everyone was wearing tinted lenses in the 1990s, from Britney Spears to Leonardo DiCaprio. Our Dayton Sunglasses in Tortoise offer stunning light brown lenses that will give you a real 90s feel with UV400 protection.

90s round glasses have really made a comeback over the last few years – which explains why our Brooklyn frame is one of our most popular models. Brooklyn is available in tortoise and gold and comes with sunglasses options. Their simple yet stylish, thin frame makes them an easy accessory to any outfit.

Find your favourite vintage shades and specs

At Arlo Wolf, we’ve created a handy face shape guide to help you pick the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape. 

Use our face shapes guide, along with our try before you buy service, to find the perfect vintage frames for you. With our home try-on service, you can choose any 4 frames and have them delivered directly to your door – and it’s free!

If you already have a pair of vintage specs you love, you might be interested in our reglazing service to upgrade your beloved vintage frames.

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