Sunglasses styles for 2021: Our top picks

Crack out the shandies, pull on the sunhats and slap on some SPF because summer is just around the corner and we need it more than ever this year. After a year of lockdown woes and uncertainty, it’s safe to say everybody is looking forward to having a bit of well needed summer silliness this year. 

In preparation, we’ve put together a guide showcasing our best sunglasses styles for 2021. 

We know the importance of style at Arlo Wolf, that’s why we bring you sunglasses that we know you’ll love, by looking at our most popular frames from previous years and creating even better, more fashionable and just-as affordable looks for 2021. 

Look no further to find our most popular frames and sunglasses this summer for men and women.  

Our best sunglasses for summer 2021

Having the right pair of shades is paramount for not only an enjoyable summer, but a beautifully dressed summer. 

Evan Sun / Black

Possibly our most practical and universally worn pair, our Evan Sun in Black frames are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Lightweight and subtle, the Evan Sun / Black is a circular frame, with light metal tips and matching black lenses, which can be ordered with your prescription too. Throw some shade with these classic, comfy and reliable sunglasses.

Brooklyn / Tortoise Gold Sun

We know what you like at Arlo Wolf, back by popular demand, Brooklyn / Tortoise Gold Sun were our best selling frames of 2019 and continue to be your favourite year on year. They cannot go without a mention as our top pick for summer 2021. 

Featuring a standout mottled tortoise and gold frame, tortoiseshell temple tips and brown prescription lenses, these Brooklyn sunglasses are one pair of sunglasses you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this year. The Brooklyn / Tortoise Gold Sun look is complete with tortoiseshell eye rims and a stylish golden bridge between the two lenses. It’s a real statement frame.

Austin Sun / Pewter

Austin Sun / Pewter  is one of our most popular unisex sunglasses. These hexagonal sunglasses are bang on-trend at the moment and if you’re looking for a pair for yourself, the Austin frames in Pewter certainly won’t disappoint. The dark grey hexagonal lenses are paired with an elegant pewter rim in the same shape. 

Austin Sun / Gold

Who doesn’t want more gold in their life? Austin Sun are available in Gold, adding that extra special touch of summer-sophistication. The dark green hexagonal lenses and paired with an elegant Gold rim – a modest style that’s ideal for both men and women.

The Austin sunglasses complement round, oval and heart-shaped faces best, and can be ordered as non-prescription or prescription sunglasses. Check out our face shapes guide for more information on what frames suit your face shape. 

Chase Sun / Black

If you’re looking for elegance this summer then look no further than the Chase Sun / Black, these hexagonal frames are super popular among men and women. These hexagonal frames can be worn as they are or you can opt to have polarised lenses fitted, or choose from a selection of coloured mirror lenses to really shake things up this summer. 

Chase Sun / Gold

Compete with the sun for everyone’s attention with our Chase Sun / Gold frames. These frames are our stand out unisex number with the ability to turn heads with their hexagonal gold rims, and matching brown lenses. A timeless style that stays on-trend year on year.

Try before you buy

Whether you require prescription or non-prescription lenses, we believe that stylish sunglasses shouldn’t leave you out of pocket. With our try before you buy service, you can be confident you’re investing in the right eyewear this summer.

At Arlo Wolf, we design frames that we believe can be paired with any outfit, like a fine wine or a sharp cheese. Stand out from the crowd with our exclusive summer range, not only elevating your look but protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.   

Face shapes guide

We’ve also created an easy face shapes guide to help you determine which of our styles are best suited to you. As well as your face shape, we’ve put together a quick list below of what colours compliment your eye colour:

Blue eyes – Grey, purple, green and orange

Brown eyes – Green, purple, silver and gold

Green eyes – Pink, purple, bronze and grey

Grey eyes – Teal, peach and charcoal

Hazel eyes – Pale pink, peach and green

Forget bikinis, let’s treat ourselves to some new sunglasses!

Summer 2021 is possibly the most anticipated season of the decade so far, with things slowly going back to normal, there is an element of tangible excitement in the air. 

At Arlo Wolf, we’re bringing back some classic styles for you to make a scene this summer. Our range of unisex sunglasses and frames are perfect for getting back to the things we do best: alfresco dining, skinny dippin’ and afternoon cocktail sippin’. Browse our women’s and men’s sunglasses collections.