What are screen glasses? 

We live in a digital world where some of our closest companions are funnily enough our electronic devices. That being said, we’re constantly being exposed to harmful light rays that simply do no good for our eyes. The good news is that we have screen glasses to do something about this issue, but what exactly are they? 

What are screen glasses and how do they work? 

Screen glasses, also known as computer glasses, are specifically targeted to help reduce eye strain caused by blue light rays. These types of glasses are fitted with blue light lenses which have an anti-reflective coating specifically for blue light. This coating helps to reduce glare and the amount of blue light entering your eye, which in turn promotes an easier viewing experience for the wearer. 

Screen glasses are therefore a perfect option for anyone who spends a lot of time indoors and is constantly exposed to the rays emitted by their digital devices. Perfect for being in lockdown, really! 

What are the effects of blue light rays? 

Before we uncover what the effects of blue light rays are, let’s look at a simple definition of blue light. 

Blue light is a type of visible light that has a short wavelength of 415 to 455 nanometers. Science aside, this short wavelength means that blue light rays carry far more energy than many other light sources, meaning that these rays can have a harmful effect on the body. 

More specifically, your waking and sleep cycle can be harmed due to blue light exposure – looking at your phone in a dark surrounding is a classic example of this! Furthermore, your eyes can feel increasingly tired throughout the day as a result of ongoing blue light exposure. You may also find that they start to become dry due to too much screen time. 

While it hasn’t exactly been proven that screen glasses act as a complete defence to blue light, there’s no denying that they have their share of benefits. 

What are the benefits of screen glasses? 

Relieved eye discomfort 

The blue light filtering technology in your screen glasses can promote better eye focus and reduce eye strain. This in turn makes your eyes feel less tired and also minimises the chances of getting headaches. 

Improved sleep quality 

As mentioned before, blue light has the power to significantly harm your sleep cycle and also delay your body’s release of melatonin. Screen glasses reduce the impact of this, meaning that you can use your devices before bedtime while wearing them. However, it is still recommended that you tone it down with the screen time before you go to sleep. 

Improved posture 

Whether we’re sitting at our office desk or laying on the sofa, we tend to get into the habit of sometimes hunching closer to our devices to get a better view of the screen. Doing this does not do any favours for our general posture. With screen glasses, you get a clearer vision from a normal distance, which means that you don’t need to zoom in and strain your back and neck. 

Switch to screen glasses today 

Another benefit of screen glasses is that you’re guaranteed to look super stylish in them. So, why not switch to them today? 

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