Get the look: Tayla Blue with Arlo Wolf Eyewear

Tayla Blue wearing Arlo Wolf’s Atwood frames

Our get the look series is back! This month, we’ll be looking at self-taught entrepreneur (and Instagram-famous fashion icon), Tayla Blue. Tayla has been spotted sporting our very own Atwood clear frames, and we think you’ll love them too!

Tayla’s instagram feed is packed with pictures of her favourite styles, and now you can get her look with our Atwood clear crystal frames. The Atwood frames for women are simple yet stylish and affordable, which is why they’re so popular with Arlo Wolf fans.

The clear Atwood frames are on-trend at the moment, but you can also get them in tortoise and black designs for a more classic look. With prescription and varifocal lenses available, you can really make the Atwood glasses your own.

Atwood frames

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Steal Tayla Blue’s style with our alternative frames

If you love Tayla Blue’s style like we do, you’ll notice that she has lots of other styles on her Instagram. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite looks, and paired them with our alternative frames so you too can get the Tayla Blue look.

Carter frames in Tortoise

We love these oversized frames Tayla is wearing. You can get the oversized look with Arlo Wolf Carter frames in tortoise. Whether you’re at work or having a night out with the girls, these glasses are perfect for every occasion.

Carter Frames in Tortoise

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Brooklyn Sun in Gold

Looking for some stylish sunglasses instead? You can steal Tayla’s style with our popular Brooklyn Gold sunglasses. Often compared to Ray-Bans, these affordable sunglasses are in high demand, and it’s not hard to see why! They’re also available in Pewter/Silver for a more alternative look.

Brooklyn Frames

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Glasses you can try before you buy

If you’re asking yourself “I’m not sure what glasses suit me?” then don’t worry! With our Try Before You Buy scheme, you can pick from four frames to try out before you buy. We’ll send the frames straight to your door and you can try them for up to one week. This way, you’ll get the chance to really try them on and get an opinion from your your friends or family before you commit to buying them.