How to save money when buying glasses

It can be expensive buying prescription glasses, especially when you are looking for a particular style or colour. It can be made even more difficult when searching for specific add-ons such as anti-glare or anti-scratch lenses. Despite this, for many of us prescription glasses are an essential part of everyday life and it’s simply something we have to spend our hard earned cash on.

That’s why it is important to shop smart and use a few simple tips to try and save money on prescription glasses. While this may mean buying cheap prescription glasses or using online eyewear discounts, it doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing on quality or style. Read on to discover how to save money when glasses shopping online.


In 2023, the UK experienced significant inflation, leading to a marked increase in prices across various sectors. This economic situation was characterised by rising costs for essentials like food, fuel, and housing, which strained household budgets and reduced purchasing power. The inflationary trend was influenced by various factors, including global economic conditions, supply chain disruptions, and energy price fluctuations. This situation necessitated adjustments in both consumer spending habits and government economic policies.

We here at Arlo Wolf are happy to say that we have not increased prices on our prescription or sunglasses but that does not mean you shouldn’t read below on how to save even more money on your prescription glasses.


How to save money on prescription glasses

Look for discounts and sales

Keeping your eyes peeled for discounts and sales will help you snap up reduced prices on your favourite frames. This can take some careful planning, such as frequently checking with retailers to keep track of when discounts go live, and anticipating when you’re going to need new frames. For those currently on the hunt for new frames, we have a permanent offer on multiple pairs, giving you 10% off your order when you buy two or more pairs of glasses.

Buy online

Buying glasses online is often a cheaper alternative than buying in store, as brick and mortar shops often have premium pricing, and online retailers have fewer overheads that they need to factor into the final cost of their products. Although it can be off-putting to some people buying glasses online, it’s never been easier to buy the perfect pair of glasses online with Arlo Wolf. That’s because we give you the option to try before you buy  on all of our frames and have an online resource to help you realise which frames will suit your face shape, making the process of buying cheap glasses online risk free. 

Compare prices

Shopping around is one of the easiest ways to ensure you are getting the best deal on your chosen pair of specs. Browsing various retailers’ websites and stores to see what the average price is on a certain style is the best way to find the most affordable and value-for-money frames that suit your budget and your individual look.  

Avoid the add-ons

Avoiding the extras such as anti-glare or anti-scratch lenses will bring the overall price down when shopping with certain retailers, so it’s something that may be worth considering when buying on a budget. Despite this, we know that for many people these elements are non-negotiable. When shopping with Arlo Wolf we want to ensure the final product meets your expectations without sacrificing quality, which is why we offer these add-ons as standard and at no extra cost.

Shop smart

Many people will automatically purchase their new frames from the opticians they get their eye test from. Some of us are hooked in by offers of free eye tests in the UK from popular highstreet opticians, it’s cheaper to buy glasses from elsewhere.The smart way to shop is to take this free eye test and use the prescription to purchase from a more discounted online retailer. It’s often just as quick to get glasses this way, as many high street retailers will have a backlog when getting your prescription lenses out to you.

Keep in touch

One way to ensure you get the best deals on Arlo Wolf frames is to follow us on Instagram or TikTok. That way you’ll be the first to know when we are offering discounts or announcing a sale, guaranteeing you the best price available. You’ll also keep up to date with our latest news and tips on everything glasses related, too!

Where can I get discounted eyewear?

Cheap glasses online can be easy enough to find, but there are many websites out there that provide low quality products that could actually cost more money when factoring in replacements. That means it’s all the more important to shop around, or even try before you buy, to make sure the glasses you end up purchasing are the right ones for you. Anyone looking for affordable glasses should browse our shop, as we stock affordable glasses all year-round.

Affordable frames from Arlo Wolf

Here at Arlo Wolf, our glasses are known for being affordable, premium quality, and stylish. We also offer prescription lenses and anti-glare as standard, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice anything when buying cheap glasses online with us. We have a vast range of both women’s and men’s glasses, and have recently released an eco-collection as part of our pledge to be more environmentally conscious. Shop Arlo Wolf today.