Staycation ideas in the UK – top experiences for summer 2021

With limitations on travel overseas still up in the air, there’s speculation whether we’ll be able to travel to other countries this year. This impact has seen a rise in UK holiday rentals and staycations becoming more popular. 

Much like the rest of the world, everyone in the UK is desperate for a break, so we have put together a guide to some of the best staycation experiences available this year. 

Summertime isn’t cancelled

The United Kingdom is home to some beautiful places right on its doorstep, from sandy beaches to rolling hills and even the Three Peaks Challenge – there’s plenty of top destinations for all types of holidaymakers! 

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But, what is a staycation?

Originally used to describe a holiday where you stay-at-home, a staycation has refashioned itself amid the pandemic and is the new trend for staying in your country of residence, however, exploring new cities and seaside resorts outside of your hometown.

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Our favourite spots for summer 2021

The Atlantic coast of Cornwall 

Gather your wetsuits because these beautiful beaches and crashing waves provide a natural playground to a variety of watersports, bringing thousands of visitors each year to this enhancing coastline. 

Check out Watergate Bay, infamous for its location upon sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines, there are a number of staycation experiences to really feel like you are abroad. 

Cornwall is famous for its enchanting fishing villages, perfect for getting some delicious seafood or a day out with the family; not to mention the Cornish pasties and cream teas. The Atlantic coast of Cornwall is by far the sunny beach holiday we all need this year! 

The Jurassic coast 

Don’t be fooled by the name – the vast amount of fossil activity available on the Jurassic coast gives it its prehistoric name and there are no living dinosaurs to be wary of. However, there are plenty of attractions to keep your family busy, along with an abundance of sandy beaches. 

Why not check out the beautiful bay of Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, often paired on a roadtrip to Chesil Beach, these spectacular natural landforms are an unmissable spot of beauty in the UK. 

This World Heritage Site stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, a distance of about 96 miles, and is a prime destination for holidaymakers in the south of England. 

The Cotswolds 

Also known as The Cotswolds area of natural beauty, and often referred to as the storybook version of England, visitors from all over are drawn to this quaint area of the UK every year.  

The Cotswolds is a rural area in south central England that spans parts of six counties, the most notable of which are Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. The rich history across these counties are home to thatched mediaeval villages, churches and limestone buildings. 

Just west of Gloucestershire, the Forest of Dean famous for its feature in Harry Potter, is full of rare wildlife and boasts some extraordinary views and with plenty of activities for the whole family, you’ll never be bored in the Wye Valley.   

Brighton & Hove seafront 

A classic staycation for Londoners back in the day, this timeless getaway destination still holds a lot of that old-timey charm.

Eat by the seaside from an array of local fishmongers offering freshest catches of the day, accompanied by a batch of sugar-coated doughnuts, and enjoy a ride on the infamous Palace Pier. Just a stone’s throw from the Sussex Downs and Devils Dyke; walking, hiking and cycling are popular go tos in this seaside resort.


Of course, with plenty of pubs and restaurants in the city and around The Lanes, there is never anything short of holidaying to be done in Brighton. 

The Lake District 

Recently added to the World UNESCO Heritage Site UK, the Lake District is among UK holidaymaker’s favourite destinations to explore. 

From hiking, and climbing to caving, there are numerous activities for all skill levels and this outdoor playground has an activity for every thrill seeker. Really see the sites of The Lake District and immerse yourself in the 10 Lakes Tour.

There is something for everyone in the Lake District; and the best part? You don’t need to go searching for scenery as it’s all around you. 


Just south of the Scottish Borders, Northumberland is a point of interest for anyone eager to learn more about the heritage and history of the UK. Known as Castle Country, Northumberland has more castles than any other county in England. 

Why not visit the furry boys at Ferny Riggs Alpaca Farm, where guests get to feed and walk a friendly Alpaca through Northumberland’s National Park. If you fancy sinking yourself into some Roman history, why not go on a guided tour of Hadrian’s Wall. Sidenote: you might need a sturdy pair of shoes and a notepad for all the information!

So whether you’re after historical tours, hiking trails, or you want to wander the cobblestone streets of Morpeth, with over 70 castle sites and some charming places to eat and drink, there’s plenty of attractions for the whole family to enjoy in this historic county.

The Isle of Skye 

Being the largest island in the Inner Hebrides – the mountainous landscapes, picturesque fishing villages, and medieval castles of the Isle of Skye attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Swim with jellyfish, eat fresh scallops from the loch bed, and keep your hiking boots close by. Fancy some renowned seafood? The Three Chimneys is Skye’s very own answer to a Michelin Star restaurant, boasting the freshest marine ingredients. 

The Isle of Skye has plenty of geological wonders and points of interest, from bus tours taking you around the island to visiting dinosaur footprints. With a range of self-catering cottages available for rent in the Isle of Skye, it’s fair to say they come at a decent price for the amount of view you’re getting.

Our top tip: if you’re staying in the Isle of Skye, you might consider renting a car, as public transport is scarce and amenities are scattered. 

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