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Reasons why an Arlo Wolf gift card is a great Christmas gift

Christmas gift card from Arlo Wolf Often, when it comes to Christmas gifts, planning what to buy someone can be more stressful than it should or needs to be. We’re all unique, so it makes sense that we all like different things and that can cause confusion. It can take a lot of research and time spent shopping to find the perfect Christmas treat, which is not ideal when there’s the tree to put up … Read More about Reasons why an Arlo Wolf gift card is a great Christmas gift

Eye problems in winter and how to prevent them

Eye Health in Winter It gets cold and miserable here in the UK during winter, and many of us know that cold temperatures, bristling winds and adverse weather can be tough on the body. In fact, during winter, many of us are more prone to illnesses like the cold or flu because our immune system is tested more than other times of the year. In turn, your eyes can also suffer during the winter … Read More about Eye problems in winter and how to prevent them

The best hats to wear with glasses

Hats for glasses It’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter, which means winter wardrobes are at the top of our shopping list! When wrapping up warm, a lot of us will be thinking about hats. There’s no need to compromise on style and feeling warm as you brace for the cold. Here is a guide to some of the best hats to wear with glasses and how to wear them, so you can find the perfect … Read More about The best hats to wear with glasses

Winter sun holidays: Why you still need sunglasses

Sunglasses for Winter Sun holidays We understand that as the UK gets colder, the prospect of going on holiday seems all the more appealing. You may think that, as your favourite holiday destination isn’t as hot as it is in peak summer, you don't need sunglasses. However, winter sun can be just as harsh on your skin and eyes as summer sun. Make sure you include sunglasses in your list of winter … Read More about Winter sun holidays: Why you still need sunglasses

Halloween costume ideas 2022

Halloween costume ideas for glasses wearers How is October here already? The year is whizzing by but the best thing about this time of year is the different seasonal events that come along with it. First up is Halloween and that means you need a costume. You might be thinking about a costume that everybody’s going to recognise this year, so here are our best Halloween costumes for 2022. Since … Read More about Halloween costume ideas 2022

Autumn Style Guide 2022

Autumn style trends for 2022 It's been a hectic year for fashion, and just as we were settling into the security and cosiness of our go-to summer dresses, the new season arrived. Being trapped in the interval between heat waves and storms has required careful planning of our attire, and as pragmatism now dictates our everyday clothing choices, some of the creative fun of fashion has been … Read More about Autumn Style Guide 2022

How do prescription glasses work?

Did you know? The first eyeglasses were made in Northern Italy (thought to be in Pisa) around 1290. That’s over 700 years ago! Since then, our eyeglasses and prescriptions have come a long way. What was once seen as a medical applicate eventually became a must-have fashion accessory in the 1970s.  Despite this long history, not many of us know how prescription glasses actually work - but we’re … Read More about How do prescription glasses work?

Eco friendly fashion guide

Eco style guide We understand the importance of eco fashion, and with rising climate awareness and society slowly moving away from fast fashion, we have created this guide on where and how to get the best eco-friendly fashion pieces. The guide also explains how to pair our new eco-friendly glasses range and more importantly why it’s crucial to get rid of your big-brand online shopping apps and … Read More about Eco friendly fashion guide

Majorca Style Guide

Majorca Fashion Known for being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Majorca is also home to many renowned fashion brands and independent boutiques. This means that dressing to impress should be high on your agenda, and visiting one of Majorca’s fashion stores should occupy a space on your holiday itinerary.  Read our Majorca style guide for exclusive fashion tips, including … Read More about Majorca Style Guide

Wearing sunglasses to a wedding

Sunglasses for weddings With summer in full swing (although it may not feel like it), many people are starting to browse their sunglasses collections to find the perfect pair to match their outfits. The nice weather also means more outside weddings are also taking place - and sunglasses are a must. But, how do you wear sunglasses to a wedding? At Arlo Wolf, our wedding sunglasses guide will … Read More about Wearing sunglasses to a wedding

How to recycle your glasses

How to recycle your old glasses We’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious these days, and most people are constantly looking at what more they can do to limit their environmental impact. Many of us are buying vintage, using a bag for life, and meticulously sorting out our recycling, but often when we get a new pair of glasses, we simply put them in the bottom of a drawer and forget … Read More about How to recycle your glasses

Summer Style Guide For Men

With the impending June heat wave causing most of us to rapidly switch out our long-sleeve shirts for t-shirts, it’s important to know what to wear and how to style your outfit to suit any upcoming occasions or events.  Summer is one of the best seasons for style, as well as new sunglasses trends! Accentuate your shirt and shorts with a pair of stylish sunglasses for men. At Arlo Wolf, we’ve … Read More about Summer Style Guide For Men