A Glimpse into the Sunglasses Trends + First Competition of 2024

As we step into a new year, the future of eyewear fashion is brighter than ever, and at Arlo Wolf, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of these exciting developments. Get ready to protect your eyes in style as we unveil the hottest sunglasses trends for 2024. Do not forget you can order a glasses home trial risk free from Arlo Wolf.

Sunglasses Trends

1. Retro Resurgence: Embrace nostalgia with a modern twist as oversized and bold frames take centre stage. Drawing inspiration from iconic styles of the past, these frames make a strong statement, adding an element of timeless charm to your look.

2. Dazzling Hues: Break away from convention with sunglasses that defy the ordinary. Electric blues, fiery reds, and other vibrant hues are stealing the spotlight, injecting a burst of personality into classic designs.

3. Sustainable Elegance: At Arlo Wolf, we believe in fashion with a purpose. In 2024, sustainability is a key focus in eyewear, and our new collection reflects this commitment. Discover frames crafted from eco-friendly materials, blending style seamlessly with a conscientious approach to the environment.

4. Futuristic Designs: On the other end of the spectrum, there’s also a trend towards futuristic and unconventional designs. This includes sharp angles, unusual frame shapes, and innovative materials.

The Arlo Wolf Sunglasses Competition

To celebrate the launch of our cutting-edge sunglasses collection, we’re thrilled to announce a special competition that puts you in the spotlight. By simply registering, you stand a chance to win a brand new pair of prescription sunglasses worth £75!

The competition deadline is 29th February 2024, so be sure to register and secure your chance to win.