How to apply makeup if you wear glasses

Are you unsure of how to pair your makeup with glasses? The thickness of your glasses’ frames could detract attention from the makeup look you’re trying to achieve and showcase. Fortunately, there’s a knack to achieving harmony between your chosen eyewear and wearing your favourite makeup. Making sure the colour of your glasses doesn’t clash with your makeup is a great way to start.

In this guide from Arlo Wolf, we’ll cover tips and tricks for helping your makeup stand out while wearing glasses. Additionally, we will look at the current on-trend makeup looks, and how to incorporate them into your daily makeup routine. 

The top trending makeup looks at this time 

With shimmery makeup taking centre stage, along with bold statement lips, there’s sure to be a trending makeup look that you’ll want to take inspiration from. Current trends in the makeup world also feature brightening concealer and minimal makeup looks. These specific makeup looks work well with glasses. 

It’s important that the makeup you wear is the focus of your face and not your glasses. If you want your glasses to stand out, there are a couple of good choices to choose from. Try wearing minimal makeup, or choosing glasses manufactured from thicker material. 

There is no use in piling on the heaviest and boldest makeup you can find if it doesn’t complement your glasses. 

How to wear concealer with glasses

This greatly depends on the type of glasses you wear. If you have very thick or dark frames, they may detract attention from your makeup. Wearing a brightening concealer is a great way to hide any shadows that your glasses may cast under your eyes.

You’ll also want to consider wearing a long-lasting concealer to avoid having to keep reapplying it every hour. If your glasses tend to slip down your face, wearing long lasting concealer or a setting spray could help avoid smudging.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our subtle frames that complement your face shape, as well as bold frames that will stand out. Why not try out Banks in Gold, or Bellamy in Silver?

If you want to achieve a more striking makeup look, opt for glasses with lighter or neutral coloured frames. This will help them pair better with your makeup. Neutral coloured frames can help to remove any dark under-eye circles or shadows caused by very thick and dark glasses.

Accentuate with blush and bronzer

Bolder blush looks are a current trend in the celebrity makeup world. Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Zendaya have been seen wearing bolder blush while keeping the rest of their makeup natural. Choosing lighter or more neutral coloured frames can help your makeup rival even celebrity makeup choices. 

If you want your new glasses to stand out, try opting for a more subtle blush and bronzer look. Check out our glasses like Blake in Tortoise or Bobbi in Purple for this look. 

How to wear eye makeup with glasses

Add some shimmer

Shimmer is a really popular trend at the moment. Many models and celebrities have been seen wearing shimmery eyeshadow and highlighter. Make sure the colour you pick for your eyeshadow doesn’t clash with the colour of your glasses. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the glasses a more neutral or solid colour devoid of patterns. 

Bellamy in Grey or Blue, Carson in Blue or Cassidy in Grey would be good pairings for your shimmer eyeshadow. If you really want your eye makeup to pop, try Brook in Clear Crystal

Bolder, shorter eyeliner

While winged eyeliner is currently on trend, making your eyeliner too long or too thick could make it smudge. Your glasses could smudge it even further down your face. To avoid this, try and keep your winged eyeliner short, and use waterproof or smudge-proof mascara and eyeliner.

Avoid fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are great at enhancing your eyes. However, if you wear glasses, you may find your eyelashes constantly hitting your lenses. This could also smudge mascara over your eyes or even your lenses. 

Instead, we recommend just sticking to mascara and opting not to wear fake eyelashes. If you want your eyes to really stand out, try using a dark black mascara to help accentuate your eyes. You can also find individual or shorter length lashes, which may solve the problem if you’re wanting to wear false eyelashes. 

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