Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

For Valentine’s Day, we tend to think about the red roses, boxes of chocolates and plush toys that have been criticised for being tacky. The traditions of Valentine’s Day feel like a bit of a cliché, but as time goes on, more people are finding ways to celebrate love that are not traditional. For example, some of us might be spending Valentine’s Day with our friends or with ourselves as a self care date. When it comes to any celebration, you can lift your spirits with a new outfit. We all deserve a treat, so here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day fashion for every occasion.

Casual Date Night Ideas

If you are spending Valentine’s Day in a more traditional way by going on a date, or you’re wondering what to wear on a first date this Valentine’s, we have some ideas. You might consider dressing more casually but still elegantly for your date.

A great idea is a corset with some straight cut trousers or jeans; you could even find yourself a corset in red to really get into the season of love. For shoes, go for some casual white trainers. With an outfit like this, it’s great to accessorise, so wear some jewellery. For an even more perfect pairing, consider some frames from Arlo Wolf. One of our newest frames, Lux in White, is perfect for a classy but casual look for your date night.

Formal Date Night Ideas

Looking for more outfit ideas for dates, but want to look for something more classy? Then look no further, because Arlo Wolf has you covered. For a standout look, you have lots of options when it comes to formal wear.

You could opt for a stylish black slip dress, which has always made an impact at evening dinners. For this outfit, always accessorise with a statement purse and simple necklace to dazzle on your date night. Alternatively, you could also try a jumpsuit in a block colour; for example, a purple jumpsuit would look great with our new aviator style frame, Tyler in Purple. With bold colours like these, it’s really important to pair colours or contrast dark pieces with more vibrant accessories.

You could also go all out for Valentine’s and get yourself a dress in one of the colours of the season. Think pink or go bold with red and accessorise with a statement pair of glasses from Arlo Wolf. Our new frame, Indigo comes in a stylish pink that would look great with this outfit. 

Staying In or Sleeping Over

Valentine’s Day is not just about outfits for dates. Instead, you might be spending an evening with your friends for a sleepover or opting for some self care time. For moments like these in your life, you want to look and feel fresh which is when it’s a great time to consider a new outfit.

You can impress your friends this Valentine’s Day with some new pyjamas for your galantine sleepover. Silk pyjamas with a retro look are in fashion this year. Get your pamper on this Valentine’s Day with some bubble bath and face masks to celebrate love for you or your friends. When it comes to eyewear, opt for something subtle to help you see with clarity – a great frame choice is Brook in Crystal

Heading out on Valentine’s Day

You might be heading out on Valentine’s Day for a full night out to either celebrate being single or dance your single sorrows away. Either way, you can look fabulous whilst doing it by treating yourself to a new outfit. 

For a Valentine’s night out, we’d recommend a high rise straight cut pair of jeans with some stylish stilettos, paired with a crop top in a vibrant pattern or colour. This look is a classic, and you can make a statement with Valentine’s Day as you celebrate love. When it comes to accessorising, grab yourself some gold hoop earrings, or necklace; that goes great with a pair of gold glasses such as Banks in Rose Gold.

Choose Arlo Wolf Eyewear this Valentine

Wherever you’re headed this Valentine’s Day, celebrate with Arlo Wolf by treating yourself to a pair of new frames. Arlo Wolf offers a great range of women’s glasses that go perfectly with Valentine’s Day outfits for women.

If sustainable fashion is important to you during the season of love, you can also browse our range of eco-friendly glasses on our website.

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