Makeup tips for glasses wearers 

Is your eye makeup being overshadowed by your glasses, or maybe your eyelashes are getting in the way? We’ve all been there! From foundation and concealer to your eye makeup, it’s important you get it right when you’re wearing glasses. 

Your glasses are a real focal point on your face, so pairing the right makeup can really make all the difference to your look. Here are some of our top tips on how to wear makeup with glasses.

How to wear eye makeup with glasses


When you’re wearing makeup with glasses, it’s important your eyeliner complements the thickness of your frames. If you’re wearing a thin wire frame (just like our Brooklyn range), you’ll want to go for a soft stroke of eyeliner that snuggly sits behind it. However, if you’re wearing thicker glasses frames (like Atwood in Black) you should always opt for a thicker eyeliner stroke.

Otherwise, line your eyes as you usually would both on the top and bottom, ensuring your top lash line is extended across the entire eye to make your eyes really pop behind your glasses.

Eye shadow

Wearing glasses can sometimes leave a dark shade around your eyes. Simply choosing a lighter shade of eyeshadow (we’re talking golden tones and pale pinks) should help to solve this problem. If you’re wearing glasses frames that are coloured, like Sloane in Claret, you could even use an eyeshadow tone that’s a similar shade to your frames for an even brighter, youthful finish.


Are your lashes so long that they’re hitting your glasses frame? Some people even have this problem when they’re not wearing glasses! Thankfully, we’ve got a simple trick that helps! Try curling your eyelashes at the top to direct them upwards rather than outwards!

How do you wear foundation with glasses?

One of the biggest problems glasses wearers have when applying foundation is the dreaded glasses slip! You might find your frames slip down your nose if you’re wearing lots of foundation. Instead, look for foundations that are labelled as long-lasting or waterproof. You could also try topping your foundation with a matte powder and cleaning your glasses properly (and regularly) to prevent the dreaded glasses slip. You could also try applying a lighter layer of foundation around your eyes and nose.

Tips for oily skin types

if your skin is more on the oily side, especially around your t-zone area, we’d recommend using blotting sheets regularly. These will help to blot away any moisture and keep your glasses from slipping down your nose.

Preventing a dark shadow from your glasses

Eye shadow goes a long way to preventing any dark shade behind glasses, but using a bright concealer around your eyes is also one of the simplest and most effective ways to deal with any shadow. Opt for a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten your under-eye area and eliminate any shadows.

Wearing blusher or bronzer with glasses

You can absolutely still wear blusher or bronzer when you’re wearing glasses, but the trick is to use the rim of your glasses to mark out the application area. Try putting on your glasses before applying any blusher or bronzer, and apply only underneath the frame itself. This will give your cheeks a stunning glow without taking anything away from your stylish frames.

Wearing makeup with glasses has never been easier!

Stylish eyewear is everything

If you’re refreshing your look with some new makeup techniques, why not refresh your glasses too? Treating yourself to a new pair of frames could really make all the difference to your appearance. Browse our range of stylish optical glasses online to get started or take a look at what frames are popular this autumn in our autumn style guide

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