How to shop sustainably this Earth Day

The 22nd of April is Earth Day, giving us a chance to take a look at what we are doing to protect the planet we live on. The fashion industry has a long way to go when it comes to sustainability, but sustainable fashion for many brands is finally becoming more important.

At Arlo Wolf, we are committed to sustainability in fashion by offering sustainable eyewear, such as our eco-friendly glasses. In this blog post, we’ll offer some tips on how to shop sustainably this Earth Day as well as offer insight into our sustainable eyewear.

Go charity shopping or thrifting

With the bank holidays coming up, you may be looking for a fresh outfit for spring. This year for Earth Day, why not set yourself the challenge of trying to find a new look from recycled clothing rather than buying a new outfit? Your local charity shop will have lots of stylish vintage clothing, which is often cheaper than buying the items new. Wearing second hand clothing also means you are doing your best for the planet. 

Many vintage shops also sell thrifted clothing and can offer you an exciting new look. Trends in fashion often happen in cycles, so if you shop vintage, it’s likely that you will look stylish and on trend.

Recycle and reuse 

You don’t need to buy new clothing to make fashion sustainable; you can just recycle and reuse your old clothes. This doesn’t mean just wearing your old clothes, but repurposing them for a new look. For example, rather than buying a new pair of shorts for summer, you could repurpose your jeans or trousers. 

Often, we store lots of clothing we no longer need or wear, but by repurposing them for a new look, we can make the most of the fashion life cycle. If your clothes no longer fit you, make sure to recycle them by either donating them or using the appropriate recycling facilities.

If you’re looking to reuse your old glasses to keep your accessories sustainable, Arlo Wolf offers glasses reglazing. You can send us a pair of damaged prescription glasses or sunglasses from any brand and we will reglaze them for you. This is a more sustainable option than buying a completely new pair of glasses.

Shop with sustainable brands

If you are buying new clothing or not recycling your old clothes, make sure you are shopping with sustainable brands. Fast fashion is a leading cause of environmental damage, and so many brands are addressing their environmental impact, including us!

You can often spot which brands have a sustainable approach to fashion by what materials they are using.

Arlo Wolf’s sustainable approach to eyewear

As an eyewear brand, we at Arlo Wolf are working towards being more sustainable. We have a range of sustainable glasses and sunglasses, including our eco friendly prescription glasses. If you are shopping with us on this Earth Day, we know the importance of a sustainable approach to fashion.

We understand that you may not find some of our eco frames suitable for you and that you may want to browse our range of men’s prescription eyewear and women’s glasses. You will notice that our packaging is eco-friendly, including our cases and cloth, which are both made from recycled materials. 

Over time, we hope to increase our sustainable approach with more eco-friendly glasses, but rest assured that if you shop with Arlo Wolf, you are shopping with a brand that cares about its impact on the planet.