How to easily adjust your glasses at home

Adjusting your glasses at home

You think you’ve found the perfect pair of stylish glasses online, but how do you adjust them to perfectly fit your face shape? Most glasses wearers will never need to adjust their frames, but if you’re wondering how to make your glasses feel more comfortable on your ears and on your nose, then you’re in the right place. 

Your glasses frames can easily be adjusted at home in just a few minutes. Here’s how.

The Arlo Wolf glasses adjustment guide

There are two key parts of your glasses that you might want to adjust at home – the arms and the nose pads (if your frames have nose pads).

How do adjust your glasses arms

The arms are situated on the left and right sides of your eyeglass frames and are there to keep your frames in place. 

If you find the arms are too loose (or too tight), causing them to slip down your face or press into your temples, then adjusting the arms is simple. The key is understanding how to loosen and tighten your glasses screws.

  • My glasses are sliding down my face – If your arms are sliding down your face, try to first tighten the screws at the side of your temple using a screwdriver that fits.
  • My glasses are too tight – If your arms are too tight, you can try the same trick but simply by loosening the screws a little. After a bit of trial and error, your glasses should sit much more comfortably on your face.

If you’re looking to adjust the arms on your metal frames, and they don’t have any screws at the hinges, you may be able to simply bend them into place. Be careful not to overdo it! Apply a little heat using a hairdryer (for no more than 10 seconds) to loosen them slightly before bending.

How do adjust your glasses nose pads

If you’re having trouble with your plastic nose pads (the small, oval-shaped pieces that sit on the top of your nose) then follow these steps to adjust them.

  • My glasses sit too high on my nose – If this is the case, you’ll need to move the nose pads further apart. Apply a small amount of pressure to move them outwards. Again, it’s all about trial and error – but be careful to not apply too much pressure.
  • My glasses sit too low on my nose – If your glasses are falling down your nose a little, you’ll need to move the nose pads closer together. This can be done by applying a little pressure again and pinching the nose pads closer. Pop them back on your face and try them out, you can always move them around again if necessary.

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