Winter Clothing Style Guide

Wearing clothing that suits the seasons and is stylish can be quite tricky, especially during the winter, as wearing a big waterproof coat isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of fashionable. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing your favourite coat and keeping warm during the winter months, there are other ways you can stay warm while sprucing up your look.

With the party season and New Year’s Eve coming up, it’s even more important to look good while still staying warm and comfortable. In this guide, Arlo Wolf has you covered with a winter style guide that is sure to keep you looking stylish at any party this winter season.

What’s in fashion this winter?


The obvious choice to wear during the winter months is knitwear, as it’s sure to keep you warm and feeling comfortable. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean just wearing a knitted jumper and calling it a day! Knitted skirts and dresses are all the rage right now and will keep you up to date on the latest winter fashion. It’s great to wear for casual events and even parties.

There are many accessories you can wear with knitwear, as it’s very versatile. In particular, knitwear goes really well with glasses. Here at Arlo Wolf, we have all the latest stylish women’s glasses for you to choose from to match your knitwear this winter.

Flared pants

This 1970s trend has made a huge comeback over the past few years and is still a very stylish garment to wear during the winter. They provide a great alternative to the typical blue jean outfit and are always a fun look to wear. Flared pants can be worn with a variety of different tops and are sure to keep the lower half of your body feeling warm and comfortable, whether you’re at a winter party or on a day out. 

They also go really well with sunglasses, and even during the winter months, this will be a great look to don. You can read our blog post explaining why it’s important to wear sunglasses during winter.

Knee high boots

Wearing knee-high boots is always a strong fashion statement, especially in the winter months. The great thing about knee-high boots is that they go with a variety of different outfits while simultaneously keeping your lower legs warm. Whether that be a knit dress, tweed skirt, maxi skirt, corduroy skirt or slim blue jeans, knee-high boots will fit beautifully with them.

Sunglasses would also look great when paired with knee-high boots, as this combination will keep you looking and feeling good. We would recommend Chase Sun in Black as the sunglasses to wear if you will be wearing knee-high boots this winter.


A great piece of winter clothing that has regained popularity over the past few years is the poncho. They can be matched with a number of different outfits, like a sweater dress, leather pants or black leggings. Ponchos can be worn in almost any setting, and you will fit in at any party or social gathering.

We recommend that you wear a poncho with a pair of sunglasses to add that extra bit of emphasis to the look. Our Dayton Tortoise sunglasses are the perfect pair to match this look. 

Long skirts

Long skirts, and more specifically statement skirts, are the perfect combination of style and warmth and are one of the most popular winter outfits for women. It also adds a touch of elegance to any outfit you decide to wear. It can be styled with a number of different garments, such as knee high boots, a blazer or a long coat. So if you want to look classy at a winter party, a long statement skirt may be the way to go!

If you’re also wondering what glasses would go best with a long skirt, we have you covered. At Arlo Wolf, we have a great selection of cat eye glasses that will look great when paired with a long statement skirt.

How to layer outfits for winter

There are a number of ways that you can successfully layer outfits for winter. To achieve the best results, you should do the following:

  • Mix different fabrics and colours
  • Add an oversized coat
  • Play around with different lengths
  • Invest in winter fashion footwear
  • Accessorise with scarves 

Everyone will have different tastes when it comes to style, so it’s important to try on different outfits and layers to see what looks best on you!

Winter fashion trends and more with Arlo Wolf

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