A Manchester location style guide

What to wear in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and cultural city (promise we’re not biased because Manchester is Arlo Wolf’s home!). Manchester fashion varies largely due to a plethora of different demographics and a large creative community. From hipsters to footballers, we have matched some of our frames to all the different trends from different districts within Manchester.

The eclectic Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is famous for being the bohemian culture hub of Manchester’s city centre, full of eclectic independent restaurants, bars and fashion stores. The Northern Quarter is more than just the hipster zone of the city – it is full of quirky fashion and is arguably the most stylish district to explore and draw inspiration from.


Fashion often takes two different routes in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, but both are clearly inspired by the creativity which thrives there. Firstly, street style indies wear straight cut cords or chinos, white socks and either Vans, Reeboks or another up and coming sneaker. On the top half, either a Carhartt oversized tee or Patagonia fleece. These outfits are often complete with a beanie and either some brightly coloured eye shadow or a beard. The Brooklyn frames in Gold or Tortoise are go-to eyewear accessories for this particular style, thanks to the thin minimal frame.

The second style commonly being sported in the Northern Quarter is Mod fashion. The Mod subculture has developed since the late 1950s and seemingly resonates with the fashion conscious in the Northern Quarter. A typical modern-day Mod outfit usually comprises of Chelsea boots, Clarks suede desert boots and countless pairs of Doc Martens. Music and fashion go hand in hand for Mods, as clothing is often stamped with graphics or symbols. This side of Northern Quarter fashion is definitely a mix of sharp tailoring and boldly coloured turtle necks, all of which pairs perfectly with our Cyrus prescription sunglasses in Tortoise

Fallowfield’s student edge

Historically, Fallowfield has been a nondescript area of south Manchester. However, the student population in this area has grown astronomically over the years, bringing with it a youthful style influenced by sportswear, vintage clothing and an almost stylish untidiness. Sportswear reigns in the student district, from oversized striped sweatshirts to once white Adidas trainers. Bright and bold vintage clothing sourced from charity shops are also popular, along with oversized puffer jackets (which do have a practical purpose with Manchester’s unapologetically rainy weather). 


A statement pair of prescription glasses is a student essential for many. The Jude frames in all black are the perfect companion for Fallowfield fashion. Our free Try Before You Buy service allows you to test out all of your favourites from the site, before choosing which pairs to buy. 

Spinningfields and Deansgate exudes sophistication

The Spinningfields and Deansgate districts are where fashion and lifestyle feels more upmarket. Spinningfields is the go-to for dress-to-impress bars with double-figure cocktails and a strict ‘smart footwear only’ rule for many venues. Expensive cocktail dresses and strappy heels is a popular attire for women, along with suit trousers, hugging shirts and even the occasional boat shoe for men. Everything is aestheticised in the west side of the city and any accessories which shout luxury will fit in perfectly. Some examples of the Spinningfields vibe are our Dayton sunglasses in gold – they are perfectly suited for afternoon drinks at The Ivy’s rooftop bar. On the other hand, if you are going for mid-week brunch in Deansgate, the Cole prescription glasses in grey will be a stunning addition to any outfit.


If you live in or travel to Manchester, we would love to see some of your unique local styles, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram. Better yet, show us how you style your own Arlo Wolf frames from day to night!