Our Amsterdam Style Guide

Amsterdam style guide

This Dutch city may be renowned for its plethora of cycling residents, however, you won’t find the majority in cycling shorts or clip-on biking shoes. Amsterdam is up there in Europe for quintessential effortless fashion, but with a unique edge.

We’ve found some key fashion highlights which we think match perfectly to some of our Arlo Wolf frames. If you are visiting, currently living there, or simply looking to switch up your fashion, read on…

Boots all day and all night


You can forget the chunky trainer or stiletto heel trends when in Amsterdam. Regardless of if you are out brunching or enjoying the various bars in this vibrant city at night, keeping things booted is the way to go if you want to blend in with the locals. The Dutch fashionistas will often opt for a mid to dark tone leather (suede or patent, or faux), with warm burgundy and brown colours being very popular choices.

This Amsterdam shoe trend is most likely due to the cobbled roads and not-so-sunny weather. Although, opting for a thick pair of boots is not as restrictive or dated as you may imagine. Knee-high, ankle or Chelsea boots are commonplace and appear very fashion-forward if paired with the right outfit.

We would definitely recommend our new Micah frames in brown or a pair of prescription sunglasses like Jude Sun in tortoise to match with a pair of tan boots.

Layering Amsterdam style


Women of Amsterdam love to wear dresses and skirts year-round. But to keep things as comfortable as they look throughout the harsher winter months, layering up is the answer. From scarves to tights, mixing textures and tones with different fabric layers is a distinctive fashion in the capital of the Netherlands.

Layering is also very apparent with Amsterdam’s love for vintage clothing. From streetwear fanatics to minimalists, men’s and women’s fashion is sharp but most definitely casual and always has some vintage influence. To complete this style, we would definitely recommend pairing an outfit with the Hawke Sun prescription sunglasses for men or the Hayden Sun for women.

Netherland neutrals


If you are not sure what to wear in Amsterdam, sticking with neutral tones is a safe bet! Figure-hugging clothing is pretty foreign for the locals, so a flowy cream number for the women or an ecru coloured casual shirt for men will have you blending right in.

Amsterdam outfits usually have a foundation colour of black, so neutral accessories are a go-to if you want to stray away for an all dark look. Combine your outfit with a beige fedora hat, a fringed crossbody bag, and a pair of Bailey prescription glasses in clear crystal and tortoise.

The Dutch perspective

Exploring the style of Amsterdam has shown us how vintage grunge can be so effortless, yet so stylish. Fashion in this city allows you to be practical without compromising your look. To see how to pair your dutch inspired style with glasses, check out our free try before you buy service to test out all your favourites at home. Or if you are keeping things more local, take a look at the fashion of the capital in our London style guide.