Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day gift ideas

It’s that time of year again where couples everywhere are searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Roses and chocolates aside, there are plenty of other gifts out there to show your other half that you really care. Without further ado, here are some unique, alternative Valentine’s Day gift ideas that we’re certain your other half will love to open on the 14th February.

DIY Valentine’s Hamper

Nothing is quite as thoughtful as a gift handmade by you. A hamper is a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift that can be customised just for your other half. The key to a romantic hamper is the thought you put into it, so it’s important to really think about the gifts you’re going to fill it with. These ideas are always a great start on Valentine’s Day… 

  • Their favourite chocolates and sweets
  • Skincare and bath products
  • A bottle of wine, champagne or a pack of beers
  • Savoury snacks to accompany the sweet, such as cheese and biscuits
  • A book they’ll love, or a couple of magazines

Event or concert tickets

Sometimes it’s the experiences that are cherished the most, so treat them to an event they’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day. Whether they’re a huge football fan, a music enthusiast or they just love a good film, why not treat your other half to a great day out for Valentine’s Day?

Name a star after them

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but naming a star after your other half could be really romantic! Most ‘name a star’ gifts include a gift box and frame of their named star certification, so it really is official! A standard star will cost you around £15, or you can even name them after an impressive binary star for just £55!

Map out the moment you met

Do you remember the first moment you met? A truly unique Valentine’s Day gift idea could help you map out the night sky from the moment you and your partner met. The Night Sky allows you to create your own personalised frame map for your other half. Simply select when and where you first met, and the quirky design will display a map of the night’s sky on that date, along with coordinates and a personalised message for your loved one.

Give the gift of sight

Cheesy puns aside, glasses are a truly unique gift to give your other half on Valentine’s Day. Check out our women’s prescription glasses, and men’s range too, to give them a practical yet thoughtful gift that they’ll really adore.

Some of our most popular frames include Brooklyn Gold, Atwood Clear Crystal and Lincoln Grey.

If you’re really on the last-minute buying a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, why not get them an e-voucher? When choosing glasses online, your other half might prefer to pick out their own frames or glasses accessories. You could even order them a try before you buy selection of 4 glasses and let them try them on for size!