Taking care of your eyes when working from home

Eyecare when working from home

We’re great advocates of staying healthy. We often strive to take care of our physical and mental health, so why not our eye health too? In today’s digital world, some of us spend the whole day in front of a computer screen or smartphone – and with the recent coronavirus outbreak, more of us than ever are finding ourselves in front of a laptop screen from the comfort of our own homes. 

We understand it’s not always possible to cut back your screen time, particularly when it comes to work, but there are certain ways you can take care of your eyes when you’re working from home or in front of a screen. Here’s what our eye health experts recommend.

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light

Do you ever suffer from headaches, dizziness or eye fatigue after spending a long day in front of your computer or other electronic devices? You may be suffering from excessive blue light exposure.

Blue light is everywhere (it’s even emitted by the sun) but digital devices often emit significant amounts of blue light, leading to more exposure than your eyes can handle. But don’t worry, there are a few ways in which you can protect your eyes from blue light when working from home.

Invest in a pair of blue light glasses

Blue light lenses are one of the best ways to keep your eyes protected. Here at Arlo Wolf, all of our glasses are available with blue-light blocking Digital Media Lenses. Our blue-light blocking lenses are equipped with a filter that blocks and absorbs blue light – and they’re available with a prescription, too!

Get a filter for your device

Another way to block harmful blue light rays is using a device filter. Whether you’re working from a laptop, desktop or tablet, many devices are already equipped with a filter – just check your device’s settings. If not, there are plenty of blue-light-blocking apps out there – we love Twilight.

For more tips on reducing your blue light exposure, take a look at our blue light guide.

Preventing computer eye strain

Computer eye strain is another common eye problem faced by those working from home. Eye strain can cause tired and dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and even neck and shoulder pain, so it’s important to address any signs of eye strain as early as possible. Here are our top tips to prevent computer eye strain.

Set up a proper workspace

When working from home, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have a good desk setup. Not just for productivity levels but also for your eye health. When setting up a workspace at home, always ensure:

  • You sit around 50cm from your computer screen
  • The top of your screen is level with your eyes
  • Your chair is comfortable and your feet can sit flat on the floor
  • There is sufficient lighting – add a lamp if necessary

Take regular breaks

It might be tempting to power on through, but it’s important to take a brief break every hour or so – we’re talking just a few minutes at a time. Whether you grab a cup of coffee or take a short walk around the garden, regular breaks can go a long way to preventing eye strain problems.

Always wear your glasses

Do you ever forget to wear your glasses? We’ve all been there, but in order to avoid computer eye strain, glasses are essential. Wearing the correct prescription when working at a computer can significantly reduce any eye strain problems, however, wearing glasses with an old prescription can make your eye strain worse. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first pair of glasses or you’re adding to your collection, we’ve got a great range of stylish women’s and men’s prescription glasses to choose from. All of our prescription glasses are available with Digital Media Lenses for added protection and you can even try before you buy across our whole range. Take a look!