An interview with James Moon, Founder of Sight2Save

James Moon Interview

Here at Arlo Wolf, we’re on a quest to support the non-profit organisation, Sight2Save, with their incredible mission to improve eye health in developing countries. That’s why we pledge to donate a pair of frames to their cause, for every pair of frames that we sell.

It’s important to us and to the many people who benefit from Sight2Save, that our lovely customers know plenty about the organisation and the life-changing work they are doing. With that in mind, we have been speaking to James Moon, Founder of Sight2Save, to provide more information about the charity and its valuable mission.

When did you create Sight2Save, James?

I love aviation and felt that I could put my flying skills to great use, helping others less fortunate. I was staggered when I discovered that nearly 2 billion people need a pair of glasses in the world – that’s a crazy figure in this day and age. In some regions, there are only a select handful of eye doctors for an entire country’s population of millions, so within developing countries, living life with poor eyesight was an acceptable way of life. It was not acceptable to me and that was why I founded Sight2Save back in 2015.

Who or what inspired you to start the charity?

Saving someone’s sight through a pair of used glasses enables that child to see the blackboard at school and learn as a result. It helps a person to get a job by being able to see properly. It all begins with vision, it is that simple and that was my main inspiration for founding Sight2Save – how simple it was to have a life-changing impact on individuals, families and communities worldwide.

Which countries or areas does the charity focus on?

Jean Momo Foundation Moje 6

Fiji, Micronesia and Tanzania for 2019. We have been active in Kenya, India, Nepal and Morocco over the past 12 months but in Fiji and Micronesia, access to adequate eye care is a challenge and we are partnering with a local eye foundation to help with sight-saving programmes in those regions.

What consequences do visual impairments have on individuals and communities as a whole in these areas?

Children can’t see the blackboard at school, which leads to them constantly having to squint and not being able to study properly. Adults who are unable to work and provide for their family due to poor eyesight, are then able to work.

Saving someone’s sight enables that person to go to school, university and be able to work – it doesn’t just help that one person, it goes on to help local economies too.

What impact has the charity had so far on people living with visual impairments worldwide?

Over 18,000 specs handed out and 7,000 sunglasses handed out in areas of high UV, With around 25,000 used specs coming our way in donations in 2019, our impact is significant. We have a long way to go though! This is drop in the ocean compared to the 2 billion people within developing countries needing a pair of glasses.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Arlo Wolf?

Where to begin – Matt is a great guy and I love his entrepreneurial approach. Arlo Wolf is a fantastic business – it’s modern and fashionable, so us collaborating with such a business was a great way for our work to be seen by a greater audience.

How has the partnership with Arlo Wolf helped the charity’s work?

Arlo Wolf has helped Sight2Save massively. Through their generous and kind support, we have been able to put their donations of specs and sunglasses to incredible use worldwide.

Give your support and add to the number of donations we provide! Buy a pair of prescription glasses from Arlo Wolf!

How do you hope to further the charity’s work in the future?

We have been planning a “Flying Eye Opticians” for some time now – which would be a great way of saving sight in each region we visit. It would enable our team to work in well lit, cool conditions instead of damp, dark and overcrowded sports halls etc. The aircraft will be more than just another aircraft – it will be a “flying icon of hope” for so many worldwide.

What can people do individually to help the charity?

Sight2Save process

Individually, there are numerous ways that people can support Sight2Save, from donating a pair of used specs or sunglasses to fundraising on our behalf. Whatever your support, we are grateful.

Businesses too can get involved and we hope that they will want to support Sight2Save and the work that we do worldwide to save sight. Opticians and optical related businesses like working with Sight2Save, as every pair of specs donated are tracked, so they know the donated frames end up where and with the beneficiaries that they were intended for when donated.

How can people follow and learn more about the work that you’re doing?

Via our Sight2Save website at and via our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Stay up to date with all the latest news and developments with Sight2Save through these channels.