10 jobs that require good eyesight or glasses

Jobs that need good vision

Did you know there are certain jobs that you need good eyesight for? We would all love to have perfect vision but, unfortunately, many of us don’t and have to wear glasses. Whether you were born with vision problems or have developed them over time, there’s no doubting glasses have changed many lives all over the world – but what jobs do you need good eyesight for? Take a look!

1. Pilot


Can pilots wear glasses? Whether you’re an army pilot or an airline pilot, this is one job that requires perfect vision. It’s no surprise given the responsibility of safely flying and landing hundreds of passengers per flight. There are even rules regarding the use of sunglasses for pilots, whether they’re prescription or not. 

If your dream is to become a pilot, you’ll be required to meet the eyesight criteria of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The good news is, fellow glasses wearers, you can wear glasses as a pilot as long as you meet the criteria.

2. Air traffic control

air traffic control

Just like a pilot, air traffic controllers must have a keen eye. Good eyesight is certainly advantageous as an air traffic controller, but you can actually wear glasses to correct your vision up in a control tower.

3. Firefighter


Being a firefighter is a critical role that requires great physical and mental strength, but do firefighters need perfect vision? Firefighters need to be aware of their surroundings at all times and must be able to easily spot any potential hazards amongst the smoke, flames and darkness, so perfect vision is essential. Unfortunately, poor or average vision just won’t do for this job. The good news is, glasses won’t come between you and your dream job as a firefighter. As long as you can pass a few eye tests, wearing glasses or lenses shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Police


Thinking of a career in the police force? Just like pilots and firefighters, police officers on-the-beat must have a keen eye. The police force has certain eyesight requirements, but police officers can certainly wear glasses to help them catch the bad guys! And, of course, there are office-based roles that don’t necessarily require 20/20 vision. 

5. Paramedics


Being a paramedic is a challenging job that requires a lot of attention to detail, so it’s no surprise it requires good eyesight. You can wear prescription glasses to help you in your job as a paramedic, but good vision is certainly a bonus.

6. Surgeons


Just like paramedics, surgeons need to pay great attention to detail, and good eyesight is a key part of the role, along with a steady hand. Saving lives isn’t easy, and you wouldn’t want poor eyesight to get in the way. However, many surgeons do wear glasses to perfect their vision and help them save lives all over the country.

7. Photographer


Being a photographer might not require good eyesight, but the best photographers most definitely have a keen eye for detail. There are no vision requirements to fulfil your dream as a photographer, but glasses will be beneficial if you’re suffering from vision problems. Who knows, the right pair of glasses might even help you improve your camera angles!

8. Lifeguard


If you have 20/20 vision, a career as a lifeguard could be perfect for you! A lifeguard must keep an eye out for danger at all times, so it’s no surprise that this job requires a set of hawk-like eyes. You can’t wear glasses when wading through the ocean to save a life, but you might be able to wear contact lenses to correct your vision.

9. Construction jobs


You’ll also need an eagle eye to work in certain roles within the construction industry. Tradesmen all across the country value their almost-perfect vision, although it’s not necessarily a requirement for most jobs and you can wear glasses to correct your vision!

10. Professional athletes


Perfect eyesight certainly has its advantages for professional athletes. Whatever the sport, from football and rugby to tennis and hockey, 20/20 vision can give you a huge advantage in your game. In fact, many studies have found strong links between high-performing athletes and their superior vision. But can you wear glasses as an athlete? It really depends on the sport, but you can always try out contact lenses.

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