Summer makeup tips for hot weather

Summer makeup tips

We always seem to be surprised when the heat hits us every year in Summer. Let’s face it, we’re never quite prepared for it. Whether you’re a sun worshipper or a shade seeker, these summer makeup tips are guaranteed to save you from those pesky glasses marks this summer. Check out our range of women’s sunglasses to get you in the mood for the sunny weather. 

How can I make my makeup last in hot weather?

Before we get on the actual makeup, we have to emphasise how important sunscreen is as part of your skincare routine. A non-greasy formula with an SPF of at least 20 should be applied before your moisturiser, to decrease the chances of sun damage to your face. If you’re confident to go for a lighter coverage, try a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream and top up with a concealer for any acne or redness. Consider investing in a green concealer which is great for counteracting any redness. 

A makeup-setting spray mist can also be an effective last step in a sweatproof routine, designed to keep your look in place all day.

How to banish glasses marks

The bane of any glasses wearers life – smudge marks. These marks are difficult to banish altogether, however, reducing the amount of oil your skin produces is a good start. Before you begin your morning skincare routine in summer, sweep a layer of mattifying toner over your face. A salicylic acid toner, whisks away the dead cells that sit on top of the skin and retain oil. It also has a cooling effect and will help ward off acne.


Blotting paper is another way to keep oil at bay. Designed to absorb oil only and leave the colour pigments on the skin, try carefully dabbing the area where your glasses sit to prevent smudge marks.

Do primers really help?

Overall, yes, a primer should help your makeup stay in place longer, but try not to overuse it. Applying it over the t-zone (the oiliest part of the face), should help create a base for your foundation and concealer. Avoid silicon-based primers as they have a tendency to dry the skin out, which can encourage the skin to produce more oil. A good hydration based lotion will do exactly the same job as a primer, acting as a magnet to foundation applied over the top. 

In with the blush

Summer 2021 is all about the blush. Say goodbye to precisely contoured cheeks and jawlines, the natural look is back. Keep your blush just above the cheekbone for a glowy summer look, and make sure you have the right shade for your skin tone.

Fair/light skin – soft pink, light coral and peach

Medium skin – rich pink, warm mauve and deep peach

Dark skin – deep fuchsia, berry, warm brown, raisin and tangerine

Summer eyeshadow looks

Eye makeup for summer is again something we all struggle with in the blazing heat. The melted mascara panda eyes look is unfortunately never going to be on-trend. Your summer eyeshadow looks should always incorporate a base, just like you would for your skin. 

Eyeshadow bases come in a number of different shades to match your skin tone and create a barrier between skin and eyeshadow, believe it or not, your eyelids get oily too!

Instead of inky eyeliner pens, fill your summer eye makeup collection with waterproof cream shadows you can easily buff on with your finger, and simply sweep across the eyelids. We’re in love with pastel tones this summer. Think shades of green, yellow and pink to brighten up your look.

Up for something more daring? Why not ditch the shadow and liner and get creative with a coloured mascara? Summer is the perfect time to break boundaries, make your eyes pop with blue or purple mascara! 

A pop of colour

Including a pop of colour in a bronzed summer makeup look is the perfect way to finish the look. Why not match your lipstick to a pair of Arlo Wolf glasses? We have a stunning range of colours like the Taylor Pink or be even more daring by matching a lilac lip with our Ruby Lilac optical glasses. Makeup artists advise not to go over the top with colours in summer, as we already know less is definitely more! Stick to either colouring the lip or the eyelids for a stand out feature.

Are you ready for summer 2021?

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