Arlo Wolf Book Club – why we’re joining #Booktok

It’s the start of a new year. With that comes New Year’s resolutions, and Arlo Wolf’s is to read more. For us at Arlo Wolf, we’ve had a history of sharing book recommendations on our Instagram because we know the importance of reading for eye health. Towards the end of last year, we joined TikTok and became inspired by the book loving community as they shared their favourite books. So, this year, we’re getting involved by starting an Arlo Wolf Book Club on TikTok, a campaign where we share our love for books and connect with the BookTok community. 

What is Booktok?

BookTok is a community on the app TikTok where there are lots of discussions around books. Creators share videos reviewing and discussing their favourite books. Since books have been so popular on the app, there have even been popular BookTok books that have created record breaking sales because the community is so passionate. 

What is Arlo Wolf Book Club?

Arlo Wolf Book Club is our TikTok campaign where we’re sharing reading recommendations and getting involved in the reading community. For a lot of readers, eyewear is really important so they can enjoy their books, and we believe it to be one of the best things about wearing glasses. What’s more, reading can be really great for your overall mental health, and it could even improve your eyesight. This is why we think Arlo Wolf belongs among a community of readers.

Where to get our reading recommendations

We’ve already gotten started on our TikTok account, where you can follow us to get our latest reading recommendations. Head to our TikTok account now and share your recommendations with us. We recently shared some of our favourite books of 2022, including those by Colleen Hoover and Sally Rooney.

Arlo Wolf TikTok Image with handle and feature photos

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If sustainability is just as important as reading, we have a range of eco-friendly glasses so you can enjoy your books and feel good about making more sustainable choices.