Our London style guide

What to wear in London

London is moving up the leagues in the fashion world and becoming comparable to the likes of Paris, Milan and New York. Our capital is full of communities of various cultures, backgrounds and ideologies and we love that this influences fashion. When compared to our previous location style guide in the UK, there is more variety due to the size of London. 

There are some key areas which we will explore if you are looking to match your style when visiting or living in London. To take things to the next level, we have matched some Arlo Wolf frames to each style district.

Hackney creatives


East London’s Hackney is undergoing a rapid transformation and is more recently known as the new fashion capital of London. The foundation was set by being a textile manufacturing hub during the war and has lead to fashion-conscious communities settling there as creatives fled from central London’s increasing prices.

Hackney hosts multiple style types from the traditional hipster to streetwear, but the influence of Hackney fashion is resourcefulness. So grab an art inspired painted jacket, some bold suit trousers and a pair of Archer frames in grey and you’ll look like you have just left the studio.

Bold Soho


Independent fashion outlets, expression and individuality are what Soho is all about. There is no limit to style in this fashion district. A typical fashion-forward resident would always add a burst of colour or quirky textured piece to their outfit. Standing out from the crowd is being part of the crowd in Soho and the whole community seem to push what is usually fashionably acceptable to the limits.

Soho also boasts a large LGBTQ+ community, bringing an extra layer of personality and style to this region. With London fashion week moving into the area, fashion innovation is front and centre within this stylish community. If you are looking to channel this westside London style, pairing your outfit with something bold and colourful like Bobbi in purple will definitely do the trick!

Savile Row


While many districts in London look to the future for fashion inspiration, many Savile Row fashionistas respect tradition when developing the most incredible styles. Fashion enthusiasts from this part of the capital are often well acquainted with the local tailors, or the quintessentially British brands which seem to pull off the tailored look well. The Savile Row style-conscious seem to go the extra mile by incorporating tailor-made suits, waistcoats and even shoes into their look. They’re not afraid to introduce navy, green, grey or even orange to their colour palette, especially through signature patterned ties and scarves.  

Savile Row fashion exudes sharpness. Combining a pair of checked tweed suit trousers, tan brogues and a leather bag will help you to fit right in. We definitely recommend the Thomas in tortoise bronze prescription glasses to go with the Savile Row style. 

East End punk


It would be rude to exclude the quintessentially London east-end punks. Biker jackets and all-black leather Chelsea boots are widespread on the east side of the city. Both men and women seem to rock the all-black look and both look amazing while doing it. Individuals holding true to their London anarchic roots will often sport a roll neck jumper, skinny black jeans and all accessories in black leather. 

Typical Eastender punks would pair their outfits with Marcela in black. Mostly due to the combination of the blacked-out frame with metal arms – perfect for any face shape. Otherwise, check out Jude Sun in black for some all-black prescription sunglasses.