Unisex Eyewear by Arlo Wolf

Have you ever been browsing for new glasses frames and found yourself on the other side of the store looking at a pair you absolutely adore, later to realise you are searching in the wrong section? It has happened to the best of us. Although, at Arlo Wolf, we don’t believe there is a wrong section. Restricting yourself to a limited selection of styles doesn’t seem right, not doing so opens up a world where you have the freedom to choose from a wider selection of incredible frames, which you might end up liking much better. We have a stunning range of unisex eyewear to fall in love with. Some favourites have been picked out for you to discover, but don’t let us dictate what you should wear! Explore our entire collection and decide which frames you want to wear – regardless of the label.

Brook / Clear Crystal

We must start with a pair of clear crystal frames, a colourway which looks spectacular in a variety of styles but particularly in Brook. Whether you are looking for some ice-like glasses for winter or something which looks stunning in sunny weather, this pair could be the one to go for. It has a classic rounded shape with a standout design which will match perfectly with any outfit thanks to its simplicity. Brook in Clear Crystal is perfect for women who are looking for an essential accessory to add to their daily get-up, or maybe for a man looking for some frames to complement a silver fox look; either way, they are perfect for everyone.

Archer / Brown

A quintessential design reinvented to suit both men and women perfectly. Archer in brown is the go-to frame for those looking for a classic design which will complement their look. Archer has a rectangular shape, best suiting those with more rounded faces, and a style typically prominent with men’s glasses. Thankfully, Archer will look amazing on anyone due to the soft brown tones and subtle design. If you are looking to give some incredible frames like Archer a test run and want to try glasses online, be sure to check out our home try-on service.

Bobbi / Purple

Presenting Bobbie in Purple, a frame for the daring! Bobbi has an all-in-one rounded eye design with a two-tone colourway offering something suitable for the office, but perfect for when you are out and about. These unisex glasses are a bold choice. The classic tortoise meets with a pop of purple for a delightful balance for anyone wishing to add a burst of colour to their wardrobe (or for someone simply in love with the colour purple). Take a look at our other optical glasses online to discover some other fantastical frames just like Bobbie.

Brooklyn / Pewter

These stunning round frames allow us to reminisce about vintage movies of business people with their pocket watches and well-tailored suits. However, Brooklyn in Pewter brings a contemporary twist to this story with a thin, all-black look. For both guys and girls, these unisex round glasses are ultra trendy and well suited to anyone’s face shape. Although, take a look at Brooklyn in Gold for a lighter look.

Hawke Sun / Blue Mottle

At Arlo Wolf, we don’t believe that unisex frames stop with prescription glasses. There is bound to be a favourite for you amongst our collection of prescription sunglasses online. One of these favourites could be Hawke Sun, a stylish frame which plays on the classic Wayfarer style but brings some energy with its electric blue highlights. We tend to put our sunglasses away after the summer, although, Hawke Sun in Blue Mottle is a treat all year round, bringing you a little vibrancy during the sunnier days. A sophisticated design for anyone, regardless of your identity.

Reign Sun / Crystal Blue Mirror Lenses

We have already let out the secret that we love clear crystal frames. But what is even better is clear crystal frames paired with UV400 prescription mirror lenses that have a protective anti-scratch coating. These Reign Sun unisex sunglasses have a refined design, complementing any face shape. The rounded shape and see-through look offer simplicity to match any attire, whether that be man or woman. Because of this minimal brilliance, Reign Sun is perfect for stowing away in a handbag or backpack to have them ready to complete any look.

Finding the perfect pair for you

Our list of favourite unisex prescription glasses doesn’t stop there. Our collection is extensive and ever-growing. While we believe any frame you are drawn to should be yours for the taking, but be sure to look out for our ‘unisex’ tag to help you with your search. It is clear that unisex glasses styles are varied and by no means limiting. If some styles appear more audacious than what you would normally go for, enjoy the luxury of trying them first in the comfort of your own home.