Making the most of our home trial glasses service

Try on glasses at home

When it comes to finding your first pair of glasses, or your next pair, making the most of our home try-on glasses service is a great way to get started. We understand choosing glasses online can sometimes be tricky. After all, we all have different face shapes and sizes, so how do you know the frames you love will suit you? 

When you try before you buy with us, you can order 4 pairs straight to your door. It’s a surefire way to make sure they fit and look fabulous. But hold up – choosing which 4 pairs you want to try can be tricky business too! Here’s how you can make the most of our home trial glasses service.

Take your time to try them on

Instead of spending hours at the opticians, trying on different frames and panic buying in front of a pushy salesperson, you’ll be able to try your Arlo Wolf frames on from the comfort of your own home. No pressure!

To make sure your frames are really right for you, make the most of our 1 week trial period by showing off your new specs. Wear them around a little to see what your friends and family think.

Still can’t decide? Share them with us on Instagram (tag @arlowolfeyewear and #ArloWolf) and we’ll let you know what we think!

Find your face shape before ordering

The most common mistake first-time glasses buyers make is purchasing glasses that don’t suit their face shape. But don’t worry, our face shapes guide will help you easily identify what face shape you have and what glasses would suit your shape the most. Give it a try before choosing your trial specs – and don’t forget you can filter by face shape when you browse our collections.

Browse our entire range

Unlike other glasses brands out there, every frame you see on our website is included in our home try on glasses service (unless we’re extremely low on stock, in which case we’ll aim to update them as soon as possible). 

Our home try-on service also includes sunglasses. That’s right, you can choose up to 4 pairs of glasses and/or sunglasses from across our entire website and try them on at home for free – which is great for those who only have one or two pairs of eyeglasses they’d like to try on.

Getting started

Getting started is really simple. Order your free home trial glasses online today and we’ll ship them out to you right away. New customers can even get 10% off when they subscribe to our newsletter. We also offer a multi-purchase discount, which is great when you can’t settle on just one pair!

Browse our range of women’s prescription glasses and men’s prescription glasses to find your favourites. Don’t forget to check out our women’s and men’s sunglasses, too! 

If you have any further questions about our home-try on service, please get in touch or visit our FAQ section.

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