Glasses trends 2021: What to expect

2021 represents a new beginning for everyone, and introducing some fresh new frames into your life is a fun way to start. Next year’s trends offer some exciting designs from colourful frames to quirky oversized shapes. We take a look at some glasses trends which carry over into the new year from 2020, as well as explore the more unique styles which are expected to take the fashion industry by storm. If you are anticipating the very latest vibe, then check out the upcoming trends and find the frames you love the most!

Multicoloured everything

While we could never fall out of love with our minimalistic frames, as they are the perfect essential for any outfit, multi-colour frames are the upcoming glasses trend and bring some fun to our fashion – particularly in the warmer months. If you are searching for the perfect pop of colour to add to your fashion, consider our on-trend glasses frames for women like Micah in Blue or Brees Sun in Blue. Cooler hues like these are ideal for pairing with other multicoloured fashion items (which is also expected for 2021 fashion).

Retro aviators

Utilitywear is making a comeback for 2021. You may be wondering how spectacle design can incorporate utility; well, it’s all about the tones and frame shape associated with the style. Retro aviators are returning to sunglasses trends with a vengeance, which will pair well with the latest clothing in 2021, like khakis and trench coats. Cyrus Sun in tortoise is one of our favourite retro picks, perfect for those looking for sunglasses frames for men. Alternatively, check out Icons Cruz in Silver.

Oversized frames

Just like boyfriend blazers and oversized windbreakers being the hot items for 2021, oversized frames in both optical and sunglasses are the latest thing to involve in your daily getup. Any design or colour will do as long as it’s big and bold. Callie in Purple or Jessie in Black are perfect for this. Especially Jessie, if you want to reserve your statement piece to when the sun is out, and when you’re feeling fabulous!

Cat Eye is here to stay

Something which proved to be popular last year is Cat Eye frames (which you can find in our 2020 glasses trend guide), a style which is sticking with us for 2021 and continues to add an element of chicness to your vibe when you are out and about. If you are looking to channel Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Luna in Black should be the go-to sunglasses for women. However, if you want something brighter, Yasmin in Pink is a brilliant choice!

Extreme shapes

Eyewear taking centre stage with quirky designs is something to expect next year. The safe middle doesn’t seem to be something to go for if you are looking to champion the most courageous current eyeglasses trends. If you are, exceptionally squared/rectangular glasses or overly rounded glasses should be the frame of choice. Frames like Icons Holbrook Sun in Silver should be one to consider, or Watson in Brown if you are looking for something rounded but with more of a quintessential look – perfect glasses frames for men!

Pick out your dream glasses for 2021

We have mentioned some brilliant yet completely out-there styles to consider for your 2021 glasses fashion. While we are sure you will look great in any of them, use our try before you buy service to test them out at home first! This is useful, particularly for those who want to match the right frames based on typical face shape pairings. All you have to do now is choose your favourites!