Glasses Trends To Look Out For In 2020 

2020 begins

It’s nearly the start of 2020! Now, only one question comes to mind regarding this… what’s everyone wearing this year? While the spotlight may be on the best dress of the year, we at Arlo Wolf think that the glasses trends of 2020 certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. We have compiled an exclusive guide that explores the fashionable glasses to watch out for this year – from modern clear specs to classic vintage eyewear! So, if you are a glasses wearer and are looking to have the best frames game this 2020, continue reading! 

Clear and transparent frames 

Clear and transparent frames have been the craze for many years, and it seems that the world certainly doesn’t want to forget about them in 2020. The simplicity of these glasses makes them the perfect addition to whatever outfit you’re intending to wear – whether you’re dressing for a business meeting or a girls’ night out. Due to the see-through appearance, clear frames are certainly a big trend this winter season. Looking to grab a pair for yourself or a loved one? Well, here at Arlo Wolf, we are proud to have in stock the showstopper Brook Clear Crystal

The iconic tortoiseshell 

Tortoiseshell designs have been popular since ancient times, and fast forward into 2020, everyone is still obsessed with them! When it comes to distinguishing the colour of a tortoiseshell, you’d be wrong to think that its palette is only limited to a plain brown. In fact, over the years, there have been so many different variations of these trendy glasses. Just take a look at the Bobbi, Arlo Wolf’s new addition to its tortoiseshell family. So, if you’re looking to dress to impress this 2020, grab a pair of these iconic frames! 

Pink frames 

When it comes to the summer months, you’d certainly want a bright pair of shades to match your colourful seasonal outfit. So… think pink! From glossy to pastel and dark, there are a variety of pink frames out there to suit the look you’re intending to go for. Whether you’re dressing up for a summer party, or heading away on an exotic escape, you’d want a pair of glasses in this colour to finish off that showstopper look. On this note, take a look at Arlo Wolf’s Jessica frames!

Red frames 

Red frames have long been associated with the classic bold hipster look, and in 2020, they remain popular! Radiant red glasses certainly have the power to stand out, and such frames are most commonly paired with a dark outfit. If you are looking to pull off a unique look this year, make sure that you grab a pair of frames in this distinctive colour. Better yet, why not snatch Arlo Wolf’s Sloane glasses? 

The Cat Eye 

The smart and polished look is always going to be a popular fashion trend, and so there is no reason why the Cat Eye glasses would go off the scene in 2020. Having gained immense popularity back in the 1950s, Cat Eye glasses are characterised by round frames that flare out near the temples. The retro design of these frames has been very popular among women seeking to accentuate a professional appearance. When it comes to our collection, Arlo Wolf sells a range of stylish cat eye glasses – take a look at our Jade Black frames!

The chic and classic vintage 

Last but not least… we have the signature vintage glasses! Even in 2020, the timeless design of these glasses shows no signs of disappearing and are much loved by many. Whether it’s the elegant style of the Clubmaster or the distinctive look of the metal round glasses, you can’t go wrong with vintage eyewear to pull off that bold appearance you’re wanting to go for. Interested in the range of vintage glasses that Arlo Wolf offers? The stylish Harrison Gold is just an example – check out our wider collection! 

Now, the choice is up to you! 

If your New Years’ resolution is to look good in 2020, you’ll be pleased to know that we at Arlo Wolf can make this happen! Whether you choose to wear the fabulous glasses that we mentioned above, make sure to check out Arlo Wolf’s wider range of stunning frames, available for both men and women

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