How to choose glasses for your eye shape

Glasses for different eye shapes

Finding the right pair of glasses can be tricky, particularly when browsing online. We’ve put this guide together to help you find the right glasses for you, no matter what your eye shape may be. Whether you have close-set eyes or hooded eyelids, you can find frames which will complement your shape.  

Shopping online for glasses doesn’t have to be difficult – discover your perfect pair of specs below.

Top tip: find four frames that match your eye shape and you can try them for free with our try before you buy scheme.

Round eyes

If it turns out you have round eyes, you’re in luck! You’ll find most glasses suit round eyes, including squared and rounded frames. We have lots of stylish pairs to choose from in our women’s glasses and men’s glasses ranges.

Those with round eyes can enhance their look even further with large frames. We suggest our Atwood clear crystal glasses for women and our Baker tortoise glasses for men.

Almond eyes

The clue is in the name with this one – are your eyes shaped like almonds? Almond eyes are also quite common and can suit a wide range of glasses shapes. If you really want to complement your almond eyes you should opt for a similar shaped frame, such as our Logan glasses for men or our Charlotte glasses for women. These frames will enhance the shape of your eyes without overpowering their natural appearance.

Close-set eyes

The best glasses for close-set eyes are those with a thin bridge, as close-set eyes have little width between them. A thin bridge will help to create the illusion of greater width between your eyes.

Try our Holmes frames for women. You could also try our Boston glasses for both women and men, as the thin bridge with large frames could help to enhance the appearance of your nose bridge even further.

Wide-set eyes

In contrast to close-set eyes, if you have wide-set eyes you will notice a larger gap between both of your eyes. To combat this, choose a coloured glasses frame that will create the appearance of your eyes being closer together. Try our Callie glasses in purple or amber for women, or our Gosling amber glasses for men.

Hooded eyelids

A hooded eye is when the crease of the eye droops over the corner of the eye. This causes the eyelid to appear much smaller. To enhance the look of your hooded eyes, you should opt for large frames that will help your eyes to stand out. The shape of the glasses doesn’t matter too much with hooded eyelids, but avoid frames that are small in height.

We recommend our Blair frames for women – the flattering shape of these glasses will take the attention away from your hooded eyelids. For men, we recommend our Atwood glasses, available in clear crystal, black and tortoise colours.

Deep-set eyes

Those with deep-set eyes, meaning their eyes sit further into their head, often have high cheekbones. The best glasses for deep-set eyes are somewhere between rounded and square frames. A flattering medium will help you sculpt your face without taking the attention away from your prominent (and often sought-after!) cheekbones.

Try our Boston glasses for men or our Georgia frames for women.

What about your face shape?

Similarly to the shape of your eyes, your face shape can also be important in finding the perfect pair of glasses to compliment your facial features. If you’re asking yourself “what face shape do I have?” then take a look at our guide.

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