Famous glasses wearers you’ll want to hear about

Famous glasses wearers

For many years, it seems that the media spotlight has been solely focused on what dresses and blazers the fashion icons of today have been showcasing on the red carpet. Designer threads aside, it’s worth remembering that there are many other style features that can make or break an outfit, and eyewear is one of them! 

We thought to pay tribute to famous people who wear glasses and look at the types of frames that these individuals have been sporting. Whether you want to know who’s been wearing what or are simply after style inspiration from some inspirational people, read about some of our favourite famous glasses wearers here!

Johnny Depp 


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First up, we have the one and only Johnny Depp. Even at 56, Depp still rocks it with his fancy blazers, trendy jackets, and not to mention standout tortoiseshell glasses. These bold frames have very much been a statement piece of Johnny Depp’s fashion for many years. From his role as a troubled writer in Secret Window to a heartbroken man in The Tourist, Depp has played the role of many personas in these classic glasses. 

John Lennon 


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When it comes to listing famous individuals with glasses, we can’t  forget about John Lennon. Lennon’s unique style just wasn’t complete without his iconic retro frames. These glasses were a hit back in the 70’s and fast forward to 2020 – it seems that nothing has changed. 

Bill Gates 


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Who says a software developer can’t always look good? As well as being the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates is also known for his wonderful taste in shirts, jumpers and stylish specs. If there are two words to describe this man’s overall style, smart and sophisticated comes to mind. 

Matt Bomer


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The Clubmaster has had quite a journey since its origin. If one thinks that the popularity of these frames died years ago, then they are most certainly wrong. Speaking of which, have you seen Matt Bomer rock these fashionable shades? 

Zooey Deschanel 


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Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s Zooey Deschanel slaying these smart yet fashionable pair of specs. In the spotlight, Deschanel has been snapped many times in frames like these. May we just say that the celebrity’s choice in eyewear acts as the perfect addition to her fun taste in fashion. 

Hilary Duff


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You’ve seen her as Lizzie McGuire in the 2000’s and now fast forward to present day – Hilary Duff is a full-time mum, businesswoman and actress. Of course, such a busy lifestyle would prompt Duff to take more care of her eyes, and we can gladly see that she’s doing so. Tortoiseshell glasses have been around for many years, and judging by just how good they look on Hilary, we can’t see their popularity declining anytime soon. 

Jennifer Garner 


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Whether you know her from 13 Going on 30 or from the red carpet, there is no denying that Jennifer Garner has some serious style. In one of her most recent Instagram posts, the actress posted a selfie where she is rocking some matte black shades that are thrillingly bold yet delightfully chic. 

Lisa Kudrow 


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Lisa Kudrow’s humour and charisma has graced our screens for many years, but it seems that her fun personality doesn’t stop at Friends. As part of a celebratory New Year’s Day post on Instagram, Kudrow uploaded a selfie where she is seen posing in a hot pink wig and classic square-shaped spectacles. Hats off to you, Lisa! 

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