Can reading affect your eye health?

Reading and eye health have been the subject of an ongoing debate for some time, with a lot of mixed messages regarding whether reading is good or bad for your eyesight. What is accepted by most is that reading does have some effect on your eye health, but is this effect positive or negative? It’s important to separate fact from fiction when discussing a topic such as eye health, and knowing ways you can protect your eyes can be crucial to maintaining good eyesight. 

After recently joining Booktok, we have put together this guide to answer the question and debunk any myths surrounding the topic of reading and eye health.

Can reading damage your eyesight?

It is a concern among regular readers that too much reading could wear out their eyes and damage their eyesight. However, fear not, as there is no evidence to suggest that reading does any long-term damage to your eyes. The great news is that you can read as many books as you want without having to worry about damaging your eyesight.

Eye strain can occur if you spend a prolonged time reading in dim lighting, but the effects won’t be long lasting. This is due to your eyes having to work harder to adjust to the lighting, which can cause visual fatigue. Furthermore, a 2013 study showed that LCD eReaders (Kindle Fire HD) triggered higher visual fatigue than both E-ink Readers (Kindle Paperwhite) and traditional paper books. The visual fatigue between the E-ink Readers and paper books were almost identical.

Can reading improve your eyesight?

Reading may not be detrimental to your eye health, but is there any evidence to suggest that it can actually improve your eyesight? Reading books will not directly improve your eyesight because you will not be able to see better from reading alone. With that being said, reading books has been shown to promote healthy eye circulation and help prevent glare, so while your vision won’t improve, your eye health could.

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Reading with blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are great for helping you maintain eye health when staring at computer monitors or smart phones for a prolonged period of time. They have become very popular with gamers over the past few years, but can they also be used for reading? The answer is yes.

You can wear blue light glasses when reading on a computer screen, phone, tablet, eReader or even paperback books. They are especially useful when reading before bedtime, particularly if you’re reading in the dark with a night light, as they will make your eyes less fatigued, and you will be able to get a better night’s sleep as a result.

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