Do gamers need blue light glasses?

Do gamers need blue light glasses?

The gaming industry has made gigantic leaps over the past three decades and is only going to continue to grow. With more people than ever enjoying gaming, it means more time in front of screens and more exposure to blue light. 

For the majority of people, their eyes will be looking at screens at some point in the day, whether that be at work, school or via their mobile phones. However, because of the excessive amount of time they can spend in front of their television or monitor, gamers are exposed to more blue light than the average person.

Blue light glasses, also known as gaming glasses, are a great way to rest the eyes and solve the problems caused by those long hours staring at screens. In this guide, we answer the question, “Do I need gaming glasses?” and discuss the benefits they have on your eyesight when gaming.

Benefits of blue light glasses for gamers

Blue light gaming glasses are used to filter out blue light, and prevent the emitted waves from damaging your eyes while gaming. As well as this, there are other health benefits that come with wearing a pair of gaming glasses.

Long-term eye protection

Long-term eye health is usually overlooked, as gaining poor eyesight is often a gradual process. In the digital climate that we live in today, it’s more important than ever to protect our eyes from the impact of digital activities, such as gaming. A long-term solution is to wear blue light glasses whenever you are exposed to blue light waves.

Reduces eye strain

Wearing blue light glasses while gaming is known to significantly reduce eye strain. When playing video games, it is likely that you will be focusing on the screen so heavily that you blink less and cause your eyes to get tired faster. 

To solve this, wearing a pair of gaming glasses will reduce the amount of work your eyes have to do, as fewer blue light waves are reaching them. This will allow you to play video games for a longer period of time without your eyes starting to hurt.

Prevents dry eyes

Having dry eyes is extremely irritating. This is especially true when you are trying to concentrate on something. An extended period of time playing video games can cause our eyes to dry up at a much faster rate. This can then lead to us touching and rubbing our eyes a lot more than usual, which can increase exposure to bacteria. You can prevent this by blocking out the blue light with a pair of blue light glasses.

Maintain a good sleep schedule

Blue light is known to sabotage your sleep schedule because it affects your circadian rhythm. This is your body’s internal clock that carries out essential processes. One of the most important aspects of the circadian clock is the sleep-wake cycle. 

If you are exposed to too much blue light, especially before sleep, it is likely that your sleep quality will reduce. If you wear a pair of blue light glasses, the effects of blue light on your sleep will be less significant, and it will allow you to keep your circadian rhythm in check.

Headache relief

There can be a number of reasons why someone may suffer from headaches, but for gamers, there’s a good chance that their headaches could come from overexposure to blue light. 

If you find yourself getting regular headaches from blue light, it may be the perfect time to invest in some blue light gaming glasses. At Arlo Wolf, we offer glass reglazing for your current pair of glasses, even if you did not purchase them with us.

Best blue light blocking glasses for gamers

Choosing a pair of blue light glasses can be a tedious process, as you want to make sure that you purchase a pair that is going to work effectively. 

At Arlo Wolf, all of our blue light lenses are specifically designed to reduce blue light exposure, which will be particularly effective for gamers. They also come complete with anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings for a long-lasting, protective finish.

If you are looking for a fashionable pair of blue light glasses, we recommend the Brooklyn in Silver frames that are fully upgradeable to give you the best blue light protection.

Blue light lenses and more with Arlo Wolf

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